Unboxing: Not Enough Rings – A Sonic the Hedgehog Parody Comic

2013 was a big year for SEGA related Kickstarter projects. We saw the successfully funded SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works, as well as unsuccessful attempts at relaunching the Boogerman and Ecco franchises. Not Enough Rings joins the ranks of the former projects, as it was not only a success, but it is among the projects seeing completion in 2014.

Collecting all 93 strips from the online parody comic of the same name, Not Enough Rings follows Sonic as he speeds through his SEGA Genesis adventures. The strips are packed with funny nods to gameplay quirks, plot points, and character traits. The whole collection is really a love letter to the classic Sonic games with just enough naughtiness to retain that SEGA edge. Thanks to going over their goal, several improvements were made to the originally planned book, including a hardcover and higher quality paper. The book even includes a nifty little red and white placeholder ribbon, which resembles the one seen in the Sonic logo. Overall, despite what the cover image may say, we give the Not Enough Rings book a well deserved thumbs up!

My Life with SEGA gets unboxed by SEGA CD Universe

YouTube user Vampire Mike, owner of the SegaCDUniverse YouTube channel, has created an unboxing video of the recently released “SEGAbits Presents My Life with SEGA” DVD which was given away as part of our third anniversary contest. While Vampire Mike was not a contest winner, he was enough of a My Life with SEGA fan to receive a copy of the DVD from AJ, as well as a hilarious note and a special Video CD version of “SEGAbits Presents My Life with SEGA” for use on the SEGA Saturn. As AJ is on summer vacation, with new episodes returning in October, I thought I’d share this special unboxing video. Check it out, and check out SegaCDUniverse’s awesome channel!

From SEGAbits with Love – new SEGA-themed Valentines are here!


Last year we presented a collection of print-and-cut-out SEGAbits themed Valentines, and this year we’re doing it again! We’re sharing these a day early to give SEGA fans time to prepare. Simply print, cut-out and give (or tweet or instagram or Facebook post) a SEGA Valentine to the man or woman in your life, and pretty soon they’ll be on you like an E-19 Egg Keeper (Sonic Adventure enemy reference, look it up). Have a happy Valentine’s day tomorrow!

After the break, double your love by checking out our Valentines from last year.