Flick of the Dead released to the Japanese iOS app store

Flick of the Dead, which was trademarked in early April, has released today in Japan to their iOS store. The game is, as many guessed, a Typing of the Dead for iOS devices. This iteration is said to have added over 25,000 words, a boss rush and a drill mode. Unfortunately, the game is exclusive to Japan at the moment, however given that Miku Flick released to English app stores, it is possible we’ll see this getting a wider release at some point. The game is currently free to download, so if you can download it, do so. After the break, screens!  “I don’t want to tap!”

SEGA trademarks Flick of the Dead

SEGA has filed trademarks for Flick of the Dead. What could this possibly be? Well, first of all its going to be a House of the Dead spin-off, that much is for sure. If SEGA’s latest iOS title, Miku Flick, is any indication, its going to be a House of the Dead title on smartphones.

What do I want it to be? I wish it was a full console release game where you play zombie filled stages from various zombie movies from the past three or so decades. Come on, that’s cooler than a mobile game, right?