Football Manager coming to Android on April 11th

Most SEGA fans might not be big fans of Football Manager, but the franchise has dominated the PC market for years and the recent iOS handheld version has also shared success. SEGA and Sports Interactive have announced that Football Manager will be coming to Android on April 11th.

“Since the first release of Football Manager Handheld for mobiles a couple of years ago, the most asked question on social networks has been ‘When is it coming to Android?’ Now, we can reveal the answer.” – Miles Jacobson, Sports Interactive studio director

The game will cost  £6.99 (about $10) and will require the user to have the Google Play store and Android 2.2 or above.

Amazon Offers Great SEGA PC Deals

Amazon offers some superb deals this time of year. Today and today only they are offering amazing deals on several SEGA games for the PC. The best part? They are all for download, meaning you don’t even have to wait for them to ship! Here’s a few of the deals:

SEGA Power Pack ( 20 downloads including Sonic Generations, Complete Total War series, Football Manager 2012, Renegade Ops, and SEGA Genesis Classic Series): $49.99 (List Price 261.42)

Sonic Generations: $15.00 (List price $29.99)

Total War: Shogun 2: $7.49 (List Price $29.99)


There’s loads more deals, which you can find here.