Sonic Lost World Frozen Factory Gameplay Footage

Sooo. No one wanted to comment on my preview I wrote days ago when Alex and I were one of the first to see Frozen Factory behind closed doors eh? HMMMPH! Fine! “Grumble, grumble”. Gamespot has footage of most of the level now for everyone to see. Now you can all see the new level I was talking about that no one wanted to comment on. Yay. Comment or don’t. “SNIFF!” See if I care! “Goes crying in the corner.”

Sonic “Sniff!” Lost “Sniff!” World “Sniff!” Will be out October 22nd in the U.S. “BAAAAWWW!

Sonic Lost World: Frozen Factory preview

Lost World FF1

Sega is in full force this week at their Sega Arcade across the street from the San Diego Comic Con. Fans are lining up to play the latest, upcoming Sega titles. Hatsune Miku is drawing a surprisingly huge crowd. Of course, there is no bigger Sega icon than Sonic the Hedgehog and he was there in full force. There’s a giant statue of him in front of the arcade that can’t be missed, a normal-sized statue for taking pictures with and the main Hedgehog himself posing with fans. You can even get a Sonic chili dog out front!

But of course, the biggest attraction for Sonic fans is Sonic Lost World. The E3 demo is available to the public for the first time and folks playing seem delighted. However, Alex and I got a special treat as Aaron Webber came by to show us a “behind closed doors” demo with a brand new level, “Frozen Factory” which… is once again another fake out level name and it is neither frozen, nor a factory. Well, it might be a factory come to think of it. Keep reading for more details on the level and what improvements have been made to the original demo.