SEGA Sammy Creations announces new arcade cabinet called ‘GENESIS CREST’

Even though SEGA has sold a majority of their arcade locations in Japan, the company isn’t going to stop making arcades and they showed that today with the announcement of the ‘GENESIS CREST’. This new arcade unit is being created by SEGA-SAMMY Creations and is a brand new high end arcade cabinet by the company.

“The Genesis Crest cabinet will provide expansive game library and more immersive gaming experience to all kind of players with an ultra high definition 4K monitor on 49 inch and alluring LED lighting effects.”

As far as I can tell, this will have nothing to do with SEGA’s FOG gaming idea. They did say that the machine will have a continuously updating library of games and pointed to this list of games available. Four games. Not a great start especially considering they look like mobile game. Sadly it seems this is one of those machines that is really used to play mobile type games. Something that is popular right now at arcade places. The machine is set to ship out January 2021.