Dreamcast controller mod takes the Wii U pad to the next level

Imagine if SEGA released a color screen on the Dreamcast controller, but not only that it would act like the Wii U and allow you to play games in your controller. Crazy right? I guess if you want it badly enough everything is possible as this hack shows. The modified controller features a 3.5 inch color screen that will display on both a connected TV and on the controller. So what if you wanted to just play on the controller? What about sound? Yes, it has built in speakers. But where does the VMU go? It actually has a VMU built in as well!

If you want to see it in action, hit the jump. If you want to read a more detailed article, click here.

Did you know the Gamecube version of F-Zero GX contains the full arcade release?

First lets talk about why F-Zero GX news is posted on a SEGA blog, if you didn’t already know the game was developed by Amusement Vision (SEGA AM4) the guys that did games like Super Monkey Ball and later Yakuza series. Did you also know that F-Zero GX used the Super Monkey Ball engine?

F-Zero AX is the name of the arcade version of the game, which was developed along side F-Zero GX for GameCube.  Well, it happens that the full arcade version was hidden away on the Gamecube disc of F-Zero GX and if you have an Action Reply or Gameshark, you could online the game. You have to check out the Retro Collection lists of codes, that will get you started. Though as pointed out by some YouTube comments, there are subtle differences from the arcade version. Probably never completed and was scrapped as an unlockable?