Preview footage of Hell Yeah! Arkedo and SEGA’s chainsaw bunny platformer

Arkedo’s up and coming strange but yet fantastic looking title Hell Yeah was shown at PAX and it is the first time we got to see a decent amount and also plenty of focus on the gameplay. Project Hell Yeah! promises to feature over a hundred different enemy types and a good deal of customization. We also find a rough release date for the title, with Arkedo’s Camille Guermonprez saying we should expect Hell Yeah! for PSN, XBLA and Steam in mid-summer.

PAX East: Hell Yeah! Preview

What happens when you take Sega’s special brand of lunacy, a Western developer, a digital platform, and toss it all in a blender? This game. I didn’t really care for Hell Yeah’s debut trailer or initial screens. Perhaps it had something to do with the opening trailer’s focus on gore, I’m not really sure. All I did know was I was disinterested. Needless to say, after playing the demo, my interest has been caught.

First screenshots of Hell Yeah! get released

SEGA has posted up screenshots of Hell Yeah!, a game by Arkedo. You’re probably thinking to yourself that the name Hell Yeah! is just to cover up how terrible the game is going to be, but to be honest it is looking rather solid. Plus if you’re a vegetarian you will really appreciate all the meat on screen.

The game puts you in the shoes of Ash, the rabbit king of hell. Sadly someone thought putting up a private photo of you would be funny. I guess rabbits have no sense of humor because now you have to get the bastard and take him down in this action-platformer.

Swingin’ Report Show #29: Crossover Mayhem

A new week and a new episode of the Swingin’ Report Show. This week George, Sharky and Barry the Nomad talk about Akria Yuki in Dead or Alive 5, salvia and much more. So sit back, enjoy the ride. We have also fixed our RSS feed, you can follow the new one below. We are also submitting the new RSS to iTunes, you shouldn’t have to do anything if you are already subscribed. Hit the jump for the show notes.
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Does Sega have a new game coming?…Hell Yeah!

Today, Sega announces “Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit” a new downloadable game from Arkedo Studios, the developers behind Big Bang Mini and Nervous Brickdown. The game looks to be a heavily (but comically) violent 2-D action game set in the depths of hell. Drag your mouse over to read more about this game and see an ultra violent trailer. “The rabbit is coming! You better start running!”


Today ARKEDO and Sega have announced a project together, the project is called Project “Hell Yeah!” and that’s about all we know about the game.

On THEIR BLOG they give away a little bit of information, the first morsel comes in the form of three pictures, the first is above the second two you will see when you hit the jump. One of them says ‘MONSTERS …Lots of them.’ the other asks if you have seen ‘this dead rabbit’.

If you’ve never heard of ARKEDO here is some info from Wikipedia:

Arkedo Studio is a French independent videogame developer, founded in 2006 by Camille Guermonprez and Aurélien Régard. The company released their first game, Nervous Brickdown for the Nintendo DS, in 2007. They followed that game with 2009’s Big Bang Mini—also for DS, and then later OMG: Our Manic Game for Windows Mobil. The company’s founding goal was to be “as small as possible”, while still creating “‘real’ games – in boxes, with a manual”. The company’s owners have sought to retain the rights to their intellectual properties; as of January 2010, they continue to hold them all.”

Hit the jump for the first blog post and two more pictures: