EXCLUSIVE: Sonic & Knuckles Rock the Rock Revisited with Chris Tang – Beating the Previous Record!

High Score is a new documentary series on Netflix charting the history of video games. While the whole series is recommended to SEGA fans, the fourth episode in particular is a must watch. The episode, titled “This is War”, covers the console wars of SEGA’s push to outsell Nintendo in the United States. SEGA all-stars, and friends to the site, Tom Kalinske (former President and CEO of SEGA of America) and game designer and gaming tournament champion Chris Tang are featured in the episode. Chris is known best to Sonic fans as the winner of SEGA and MTV’s Rock the Rock competition in 1994.

Following the Netflix series debut, I got to talking to Chris and he revealed to me that the production of the documentary prompted him to revisit Sonic & Knuckles and redo the Rock the Rock’s finals competition run. The rules being collect the most rings in Launch Base Zone in 3 minutes as Knuckles. Chris, always the competitor, wanted to go up against himself and see if his current skills and abilities could outdo his previous win. After a day of practice, Chris fired up his recording devices and recorded this run that we are proud to debut exclusively here at SEGAbits!

Gamer reclaims Space Harrier high score

Nick Hutt from Sutton, UK has taken back the high score for Space Harrier and has been verified by Twin Galaxies website. Really, I did not know the place existed, but then again I never tried to beat high scores myself. Score was submitted by Mr. Hutt on April 30th.

What was his score? 39,495,060. That is  quite a bit and enough to put him on the top once again. His top score was taken down last year by another UK gamer called Philip Campbell with 38,530,220. This puts him in second place.

Apprantly UK gamers have held the high score for Space Harrier since August 1985, when Matthew Preece set the record and his score (31,900,730) lasted all the way till 2005, when Hutt topped it.

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