SEGAbits at Tokyo Game Show 2017: A Certain Magical Virtual-On Hands-On Preview


What started seemingly as a one-off (potentially joke) crossover between a popular anime and SEGA’s Virtual-On has turned into a potential resurrection for the much-loved Virtual-On series.

The playable build I got my hands on started with a tutorial, where I got my first experience of A Certain Magical Index. Honestly it’s quite jarring to turn on a Virtual-On game and be met with what looked like high-school students talking in high pitched voices with a long-winded introduction to the game. The characters seem very out of place and different to the usual Virtual-On style and I was initially a little jarring. Thankfully when I got to actually control Temjin, I found the game surprisingly familiar. I still don’t like some of the new designs for mechs, but for the most part it manages to gel nicely with the old games.

Index’s former CEO and President arrested for fraud


Former Index CEO Masami Ochiai and his wife, former Index president Yoshimi Ochiai have been arrested. Index Holding used to own Atlus and after a string of financial and legal troubles last year they got bought out by SEGA-Sammy Holdings.

According to the statement, they are arresting them on the accusation of messing with financial records. To see a full list of charges, hit the jump.

SEGA Sammy Acquires Atlus owner Index Corp. for 14 Billion Yen

segatlusNikkei reports that SEGA Sammy Holdings has succeeded in the bid war to acquire Index Corp. This means the company now completely owns Index as well as it’s subsidiaries including Atlus Co. Ltd. All assets and properties will transfer ownership by November. Appearance of Atlus property to appear in Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed? Still up in the air, but suffice to say, Atlus is now going to be part of SEGA’s growing empire. SEGA is certainly no stranger to the company as they have assisted in publishing Atlus titles in Japan. Surely though, the most important news is they can collaborate once again to make a true sequel to the hottest Dreamcast title, Maken X.

We will report on more as it develops.