SEGAbits X Sonic Prologue 2


The wait is now over and we at SEGAbits are happy to announce our surprise partnership with NECOMIX with their upcoming sequel to their Sonic Prologue fan film, which had over 900k views since it’s launch last year in August, to celebrate Sonic’s 25th Anniversary next year. With this partnership, we will be posting updates on Sonic Prologue 2 exclusively on our social media network, Facebook & Twitter.

Sonic Prologue 2 takes place directly after the events of Sonic 2 and the beginning of Sonic 3 where Sonic first meets one of his earlier rivals in the series, Knuckles the Echidna. This time, the team is going to need support through donations to make this project happen. Hit the jump for the “exclusive” 60fps trailer, story synopsis, screenshots, a message from the director and details on donation support of the smash hit fan film.

Yu Suzuki working on an unannounced project, thinking about crowd funding Shenmue III

Yu Suzuki has teased that he is ‘working on something’. What is this mysterious project? Is it SEGA publishing related? Who knows, he isn’t speaking about the project right now.

“Just now, I don’t have anything I can say yet,” he smiled. “I can’t announce right now – but I’m making something.”

This isn’t the first time that the idea of crowd funding Shenmue III has come up, we reported a similar story last year. This time? He says he is looking into it. So what genre do you want the upcoming, unannounce Yu Suzuki project to be? A racer? Fighting? His catalog of classic games is spread too wide between genres to please everyone.

Round Table: How we feel about Yu Suzuki bringing back Shenmue III

There are many questions about how Yu Suzuki would bring us Shenmue III. He has stated many times he just wants to end the series and now more than ever has been making headlines. First he suggested he wants to use crowd sourcing like Kickstarter and recently was spotted at GDC in talks with Sony (and former SEGA) employee Mark Cerny. Hit the jump to hear what we think of this whole thing in this week’s round table!