The Weekly Five: Best to worst “Avengers” SEGA games

SEGA’s license pact with Marvel was a prime example of how the game industry tends to treat movie licensed properties these days. They sell the license to a game company to promote the movie. Game company turns around and uses their B and C (and sometimes D) teams to work on said games and hope they can come up with at least a half decent effort. Then the game is released just before the movie hits theaters whether it’s ready to go or not. Many times, they fail even to get to that half-decent point.

But this doesn’t mean that all movie licensed games have to stink. Sometimes, you get the right development team with the right goal in mind and you get something of quality. Sometimes, a game is almost crap, but you can see a little bit of gold in that turd. But sometimes, crap is just crap no matter what angle you look at it. What better example of this is there than with these five Marvel Studios movie licensed games released by SEGA. And what better time to “reminisce” over these games than with today’s movie release of The Avengers in American theaters. Read on to see which one I find is the best quality to which one I think is total, unredeemable crap.

Free Sonic and Iron Man comics!

I love free stuff, do you? Well, May 1st is free comic book day and you will be able to pick up 30 select titles for free, which happens to include Sonic the Hedgehog and Iron Man.

You can see the site’s FAQ to answer all your questions. Reason they are giving them away for free? Comic sales are going down, trying to get people hooked by giving them a free comics could increase subscribers. Its like crack.

Its really sad, the comic book shop I used to go to when I was in high school is now closed. It would have been cool to stop buy.

Iron Man coming to HOME this week

Do you like Iron Man? Do you like HOME? Do you like to compete for free virtual items? If you answered yes to all of the above, this post is for you!

Paramount Pictures and AUDI AG will be launching a Iron Man mini-game in their Audi HOME space.  The mini-game has you flying through the air, dodging mines and trying to beat top scores in the leader board.

The game will close on June 2010, if you are on the top 10 leaderboards, you will be awarded a Iron Man suit to keep. Not so talented? If you take the Iron Man 2 quiz in the Audi space, you get a free Iron Man 2 shirt.

[Source: EU Playstation Blog]

Iron Man 2: Enemy Faction Trailer

Sega has recently revealed a new trailer for the upcoming Iron Man 2 game showcasing the types of enemies you’ll be taking on. The game follows a different storyline to the movie, and it seems players will be taking on the Crimson Dynamo and Ultimo amongst other Iron Man villians.
[SOURCE: Sega America YouTube]