SEGA Europe COO and President Jurgen Post departs

JurgenPostLeavesSEGASEGA Europe has announced that Jurgen Post has left his position in the company as COO and President. Before Jurgen Post got his title as COO and President at SEGA Europe, he worked as managing director and senior vice president.

Jurgen Post was responsible for taking over as COO and President in 2012 where he streamlined SEGA Europe’s pillar structure which included Creative Assembly, Sports Interactive and moving SEGA more into the PC market place. He was also responsible for the latest wave of older SEGA PC ports which included Bayonetta and Vanquish.

“Jurgen leaving us is a huge loss, but he leaves Sega Europe with the business in a fantastic position and in the capable hands of a superb team who will strive to keep moving it forward. We wish Jurgen all the very best for the future and in his new role and hope that his employees there will find him as inspirational and as motivating as we did here.” – Tatsuyuki Miyazaki, SEGA West CEO

Its a bit weird that this just came out, seeing that not even 24 hours ago Jurgen Post gave a interview with where he said, “The Sega brand will come back and start to flourish again”. Hopefully he is right, but it will be sad to take this ride without him.

Until they find a replacement, SEGA Europe’s CFO John Ward will act as interim COO as the publisher looks for a replacement. What are your thoughts on this news? Do you think its all of a sudden? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source: MCVUK]

SEGA Europe President to explore ‘brilliant portfolio’ of games before doing Alien: Isolation 2 had a interview with Jurgen Post, COO of SEGA Europe. In the interview Jurgen explained to the site how SEGA now operated, how financial reports worked and basically how gaming press write negative (and false) articles about SEGA for clickbait (remember when they left the console market?). They also talked about how Creative Assembly now has over 400 employees working on upcoming titles including the newly announced Halo Wars 2. But what about a sequel to last year’s Alien: Isolation?

“Alien: Isolation 2 is not out of the question, because we’re so proud of it and there’s possibly more to be said. But do we really want to be spending very significant amounts of money, and getting close to break-even or just about in the black? That’s not where Sega wants to be, when we have a brilliant portfolio of other games that do great business.” – Jurgen Post, COO of SEGA Europe.

It seems that Alien: Isolation 2 isn’t out of the question, but they just want to explore other games that they think would do better in sales. Jurgen talked about how he wasn’t happy with how Alien: Isolation sold, stating that it did well in Europe but didn’t do so hot in America. Being from America, I can tell you that SEGA of America can’t market a game to save their own jobs. Check out the full interview for more insight into SEGA of Europe.

SEGA says they’re ready for next generation consoles, concern over Wii U sales and more!

Recently MCV had an interview with SEGA Europe’s COO Jurgen Post where they talked to him about SEGA’s future and their restructuring. If you guys noticed in their last financial statement, the company is doing well now. According to Jurgen Post, SEGA is very prepared for next generation because they have so much invested on the PC market:

” The next-gen console market is exciting and we are following it closely. We have a lot of PC studios, and in that sense you might say we are very prepared. If, as many say, these next-gen machines really are more like PCs than ever then we have a lot to take advantage of in terms of technology. The PC base certainly makes it feel much easier for us.” – Jurgen Post, COO of SEGA Europe

He even talked about porting some RTS titles in the future, stating that even exclusives like Diablo III are jumping ship. I guess we will see. Even though right now the only ‘next generation’ console they are supporting is the Wii U, which has Post a bit concerned.

SEGA says Sonic the Hedgehog can be ‘the next Hello Kitty’

Now that SEGA has decided to focus on fewer titles, some of their bigger IPs like Sonic the Hedgehog will be getting more attention. What is in store for Sonic? It means signing up more third parties to make Sonic toys, clothing and other gear you might not need but will want to buy anyway.

“Sonic is a well-known character, but we’ve got a lot of room to grow in merchandising . We dream of Hello Kitty. We’re still far off from that but we can see that our profits are growing year on year in the US and Europe [on merchandising]. We’ve got a licensing team on the ground in the UK who are focusing on that and that team will expand. We’ve got a team in the US and which will also expand. We used to run it all out of Sega of Japan, but having people on the ground is making a big difference. We will always do the computer game but the merchandising is a very important aspect to Sonic.” – Jurgen Post, COO of SEGA Europe

In a way I’m glad that SEGA is putting their name out there more. I used to love going to stores and seeing Sonic the Hedgehog stuff everywhere. But then again, who wants to see everyone’s favorite blue blur get whored out? Who wants to see useless collector items like a ‘Sonic the Hedgehog chainsaw’? Funny that they also announced a Hello Kitty Sonic the Hedgehog themed doll a few nights ago.