Shenmue 3 updates: Interview with new project member Kenji Itoso and new reward tiers

Shenmue 3 has added a new interview, this time with a new member on the project. Meet Kenji Itoso who used to apprentice under Hayao Miyazaki over at Studio Ghibli and has directed on many different multipmedia projects. He even worked on the popular hit anime Attack on Titan. Showing that YS Net is using the funded cash from the Kickstarter to pick up fresh talent like this is good and I think will further encourage more donations from those people questioning the Kickstarter. Check out the video and hear about his history with the Shenmue series.

The Kickstarter has also added 4 new reward tiers for users looking to upgrade their pledge. One has a guest book allowing you to share a 140 character message that will be displayed forever in-game, a capsule block toy with your beatiful mug and if that isn’t enough a higher award will make you into a chibi capsule toy version of yourself drawn by Kenji Miyawaki! Check it out and #SaveShenmue.