SEGA Networks confirms layoffs in the West, including Three Rings Design Inc.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 9.53.37 PMWe’re sad to report that there have been some layoffs at SEGA Networks’ mobile division in the West. As confirmed by VentureBeat, SEGA Networks has laid off an undisclosed number of employees which includes all of Three Rings Design Inc. (developers of PSO inspired MMO Spiral Knights for PC, and mobile games Spellwood and Corpse Craft) as well as a small number of team members on the publishing side of mobile.

The reason has been attributed to SEGA’s new focus in internally developed IP-based games, the localization of Japanese mobile games, and (I’m putting this in quotes as it is direct from SEGA Networks’ mouth, and I don’t quite understand it) “mass market view-per-play games designed to further Sega’s network strategy in the West.” SEGA also cites “challenging and hyper-competitive mobile market conditions” as a reason for the layoffs.

Regardless of the market conditions, being laid-off sucks and we here at SEGAbits wish nothing but the best for those employees affected.

SEGA Europe hit with layoffs


SEGA’s office in London has been hit with layoffs, Polygon reports. This is because of a restructuring of the Sonic and Mobile departments at SEGA of America, which made a number of employees at SEGA of Europe redundant. When reached for comment by Polygon, SEGA replied: “Sega is in the process of consolidating certain functions of the Sonic and Mobile departments within Sega of America, where the management and production for those areas of the business reside. As part of that strategy a limited number of redundancies have taken effect in our European office, based in London.” SEGA hasn’t commented on how many employees were let go.

We wish the best for those effected by the layoffs.

More staff layoffs at Sega of America


Today, Sega of America confirmed that it had to lay off a small percentage of its staff. While there is not much in the way of details, a Sega Spokeswoman had this to say.

“As the gaming industry continues to evolve, companies must adapt and adjust in order to compete and succeed in an ever-changing environment. As a result of this, Sega of America has recently undergone a restructure that will enable the company to focus efficiently on developing new and existing content across digital platforms as well as continuing to focus on key brands for packaged goods.”