Years of the Dreamcast Part 4: Leaks and Homebrew

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Through the next few years, I would continue to explore the Dreamcast. Starting in 2003 however, my focus began to shift towards the Xbox, as games like Halo, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Metal Gear Solid 2, and Splinter Cell blew me away. Even while these new games mesmerized me, I would continue to look for new Dreamcast games to play, trying to find the next gem.

Shenmue and Jet Set Radio XBLA leaks look busted

You saw us post them as a rumor, that both Shenmue and Jet Set Radio were coming to XBLA. There have  been numerous PartnerNet leaks, newest one being Crazy Taxi, but this one came from a shady source who calls himself the XBOX360LEAKER.

Not only that, other people that have PartnerNet can’t seem to find traces of Jet Set Radio or Shenmue on the services. When users on NeoGAF contacted “XBOX360LEAKER” he said he got the games off of “Test Net”, a service that does not exist. Even worse, he left traces of his photoshop work behind on his ImageShack account.

I think he took advantage of all the news about Dreamcast leaks, decided to play on some classics that fans wanted. A shame really.