Yakuza of the End gets awesome Famitsu DX bundle

From Famitsu’s online store,  Japanese consumers will be able to purchase a special ‘Famitsu DX bundle’ version of Yakuza of the End. The bundle will include, along with the copy of the game, an awesome-looking stainless steel tumbler.

If that wasn’t enough, Japanese consumers who pre-order the game right now will be given the “Yakuza Karaoke Best Selection” soundtrack for free.

Damn must feel good living in Japan and getting neat extras like this, in America they cut content and give you ‘free updates’ as pre-order bonuses.

[Source: Siliconera]

Physical Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity demo detailed

Do you love limited released SEGA stuff? I do, even though I never get anything and all the good stuff is from Japan. When SEGA does put good stuff on their Free Stuff Friday, some dude named MarioLugiKratos always ends up getting it. Bummer.

The demo is going to be limited to 10,000 units. To get one you have to cross a Rappy’s ears and then fill out some application stuff. This is all for Japan, you can also fill out this application and hand it to SEGA at their Jump Festa booth.

[Source: Siliconera]

Valkyria Chronicles 3 collector’s edition will get you buzzed

[Keychain? Easier to drink and drive]

SEGA has already announced the collectors edition for their next installment in their Valkyria Chronicles series. It seems to come with a shot glass because if there is any game that makes me want to get wasted, its Valkyria Chronicles.  What else does this edition come with?

  • Emblem 422 collapsible cup (we already know, pictured above)
  • Telephone Card
  • Mini poster
  • Nameless x Calamity Raven visual clear poster (pictured below)
  • PSP game

How much will this run you? 8,479 yen (about $100 bucks). But hey, its worth it, no? If you pre-order either version (collectors or regular) you will be able to get extras too, like the Gallia Secret Document file 422 book, which tells the story of Kurt’s first battle and a DLC code that unlocks Alias from VC2.

[Source: Siliconera]

The Conduit 2 Limited Edition exclusive to Gamestop

SEGA has just announced that the Limited Edition version of Conduit 2 will be exclusive to Gamestop. What will you get in this limited edition?

  • 44-page art book: Full of concept art and design choices made to Conduit 2’s sci fi world, weapons and enemies. .
  • “Eye of Ra” device: In-game item that helps you find the game’s secrets in twice the speed.
  • “Gold Destroyer Armor”: A special multiplayer skin based on the main armor.

This version isn’t ‘really’ a Limited Edition, its going to cost you the regular $49.99, seems that this is a ‘better’ scheme than pre-order extras. This way people will have to buy the game at GameStop if they want the extras.

[Source: GameStop]
[Via: SEGA Twitter]

Virtual On Force limited edition detailed

The main reason that Virtual On Force became a retail title and not a downloadable, according to SEGA, was to make a limited edition to honor Virtual On’s 15th year anniversary.

The Limited Edition will be called the “Virtual On Force Memorial Box 15”. It will come with a soundtrack CD that spans six discs and 218 tracks. It also comes with a booklet that has 140 pages, this includes arcade and console product images, promotional art, pre-design images for mechs, past interviews with Jurou Wataru (series producer) and Hajime Katoki (mechanical designer).

That is not all, SEGA is also packing two Tangram-themed super balls into the package. The boxart for the limited edition is also diffrent, being done by Hajime Kotaki. The limited edition isn’t cheap, costing at ¥12,900 (about $156 USD).

[Source: AndriaSang]

Sonic Colours Limited Edition comes with toys

OK, so we here in the US we get a Sonic scalp if pre-order. The  lucky sons of Britain get a Limited Edition version with action figures? Why, SEGA why?! Actually seems that the Limited Edition packaging will be coming out for Pal buyers, not just the UK.

Well, maybe I can send like 34 whiny letters to SEGA Europe’s community team, want to see them sort through that! The game comes out November, got your pre-orders in?

[Source: The Sonic Stadium]

SEGA releasing Project Diva 2nd PSP bundle

SEGA has a PSP bundle site for Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2ndand the bundle is being called “Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd Ippai Pack” (translates to full pack). It is set to release on July 29th, priced at ¥26,980.

The bundle is not all you can get, you can also get accessories. SEGA will be selling a set of accessories pack that includes a pouch, UMD case, cloth, silicon cover, strap and stickers. The price for this pack is ¥3,980.

hit the jump for pictures of the accessories…

Win limited edition Ryo Hazuki forklift figurine

Look at that awesome figure, wouldn’t you want to have one? I would! Problem? There are only 75 made. So you should all sign up and hope to get one. If not you can always try ebay and pay way too much for one. Enter the contest here.

Getting that error? Well, I forgot to mention that the contest is only for US residents only.