Platinum Games now developing Metal Gear Rising, gets name change

It has been known for awhile that Hideo Kojima has been looking for a new director (and now it seems they are going with a new team) to develop Metal Gear Rising. I guess Bayonetta developer Platinum Games impressed the Konami, they are now going to develop Metal Gear Solid: Rising. Which actually got a new name, now the game is called Metal Gear  Rising: Revengeance.

The news and new trailer was leaked out by trusty members over at NeoGAF. The trailer is being pulled off of streaming sites. Don’t worry, two download mirrors here:

Zshare | Mediafire 

 Since this game is not SEGA published or developed, this is the only post we will do on it. Platinum Games is an independent company and we will continue our coverage on their games published by SEGA.