SEGA explains missing Yakuza 3 content

SEGA has posted that they will be ‘up front’ about the missing content on their blog today, explaining why the content was cut. Basically, either it would be cut or Yakuza 3 won’t be release:

“Ultimately, the choice that had to be made was either no Yakuza 3 in the west, or a version of the game that was almost exactly the same, but with a little less trivia.”

SEGA confirms that the hostess sections are missing and “history trivia”, which I assume they mean the AnswerXAnswer arcade machine sections.

Yakuza 3 demo is missing content

“No time for love, Dr. Jones”

I played the Yakuza 3 Japanese demo for quite awhile and noticed some stuff that was missing from the US demo. First of all the arcade section was missing AnswerXAnswer arcade mini-game.

Then I also noticed that they took off hostess bar section. You can’t try it out in the demo, leading me to believe it is not going to be in the full game since the US trophy list that was just released is missing the 2 hostess trophies. This also confirms a rumor that came out a few months ago saying that the western release wouldn’t have the hostess sections in it.

Why did SEGA edit out hostess content from this game and not the others? No idea.