SEGA’s Crazy Taxi: City Rush is the most downloaded iOS game for August

It seems that Hardlight Studios has another hit on their hands with Crazy Taxi: City Rush, as it topped the most downloaded game lists on iOS for August. Even though most fans where disappointed that it wasn’t a full fledged arcade experience, SEGA and Hardlight did have the designer of the franchise (Kenji Kanno) was brought in to help in development. The new mobile take on the franchise seems to be a hit, we even gave it a good review.

Crazy Taxi franchise is 15 years old, so its nice to know that a new generation of gamers will know what Crazy Taxi is and hopefully the brand doing well on mobile will open doors for a brand new home console release. We can dream, can’t we?

SEGA announces its TGS line-up, teases new Hatsune Miku project

SEGA has finally revealed their line-up publicly for next week Tokyo Game Show this will include SEGA published games, Atlus and even titles by other publishers that will be shown at their booth. Some of them are big western publishers without enough Japanese presence like Electronic Arts and Warner Bros. and others are just small Japanese companies without means like Silver Star Japan and Compile Heart.

SEGA is set to hold a number of stage events including one on Septermber 18th when the company will announce a new Hatsune Miku game, Atlus will get their own stage show on September 20th and Yakuza 0 will get a variety of stage shows planned throughout TGS.

Hit the jump to see the full TGS schedule.

SEGA announces F2P RPG ‘The World End Eclipse’ made by the Valkyria Chronicles team

Famitsu reveals that SEGA has a new free-to-play ‘online theater RPG’ video game as they describe it. It will be launched this winter in Japan on the Playstation Vita, mobile and PC. Save data is said to carry over to all three platforms, online servers are also shared meaning cross-platform online play is a possibility.

The game seems to be online only and will have simplified RTS like elements that let you build, explore and fight. Battles are said to be mostly automated with ‘fast-forward and pause buttons’.  I can see this be SEGA’s take on the ever popular Clash of Clans franchise.

Crazy Taxi: City Rush releasing this Thursday to iOS


Want to play Crazy Taxi: City Rush on your iPhone and/or iPad? No problem, SEGA has announced that the game will be releasing globally tomorrow to the App Store. Soon fans can experience their new mobile, free-to-play revised take on the Crazy Taxi franchise.

Even though the new game borrows heavily from popular mobile games like Temple Run, don’t think that this entry has disregarded the Japanese team that created the originals. Kenji Kanno, creator of Crazy Taxi, has been overseeing development and lately been doing quite a bit of interviews on the web speaking about the game. The game is developed by Hardlight Studios who developed Sonic Dash, another title that was highly influenced by Temple Run (and Sonic Jump that takes notes from the popular mobile game Doodle Jump, though it should be noted that an earlier version of Sonic Jump released that pre-dates Doodle Jump).

This game is also supposed to be released on Android, but like always Android users must wait.

SEGA Networks and gumi is bringing Chain Chronicle and other Japanese mobile titles to the West

Chain Chronicles
SEGA Networks and gumi had recently made an announcement today to form a partnership by bringing SEGA Networks’ Japanese game titles in North America, Europe, South Asia and other territories. Gamers can expect the first batch later this year starting with the launch of the popular Japanese RPG mobile game, Chain Chronicle.

For those who are unfamiliar with Chain Chronicle, Chain Chronicle is a popular Japanese mobile game that allows players to become a soldier who builds an army and fights to protect the imaginary land of “Yugdo” from the menacing Black Army. As the game advances, players begin to unravel each member’s story to create a long chain of chronicles where all are connected.

Both companies are collaborating in order to provide localized support for player preferences, languages and gameplay environments. Hit the jump to view the press release of the game and footage.

Dragon Coins available on IOS and Android Devices for free!

Previously released in Japan, Dragon Coins is now available in western territories on the iTunes and Google Play store for free. The game also supports in-app purchases where players can purchase bags of coins for $6.99 or $2.99.

SEGA has stated that the game is a combination of role playing game battles and a party management system with a pick-up and play arcade coin-dozer fun. Here is a description of the title taken from the iTunes and Google Play stores. Also for more information on features in the game, be sure to hit the jump.

Phantasy Star Online 2es coming to iOS in May

(Above is a Let’s Play, which was done through our Twitch channel. Follow us!)

Phantasy Star Online 2es is already out for Android in Japan, but it will soon hit Apple devices in May. The Android version has broke 100,000 downloads since it was released on April 7th. That is pretty impressive.

As of right now, SEGA West hasn’t made any more statements about Phantasy Star Online 2 or Phantasy Star Online 2es coming to the West. But if you are on Android and want to play PSO2es, there is already an English patch. To see the English patch in action, check out our hands-on video above.

Could SEGA and Google’s Street View be joining forces for a Sonic competition?

The Sonic Stadium have uncovered an interesting mobile game entitled The Search for Sonic’s Sidekick. Proposed as a collaboration between SEGA and Google’s Street View, the game was discovered in slides from DDB Tribal ad agency artist Michael Nagy’s website. The game appears to be a word wide competition in which fans create an anthropomorphic avatar and race their character around Google Street Views of twelve cities. Players log their best times to a leaderboard and the fastest player would win the chance to see their character in the next Sonic game. The competition is said to visit a new city each month.

The official description is as follows:

We have created an online game using Google Street view where you compete to become Sonic’s sidekick. Your online avatar will be in the next game that is produced for Sonic. The competition will run for 11 months and move to a different city every month across the globe. The cities include Tokyo, Hong Kong, Berlin, Paris, London, Cape Town, Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Rio De Janeiro and Sydney.

It is unknown if this is a leak of an upcoming competition, perhaps in time for Sonic’s anniversary, or if it is simply a proposal by DDB Tribal that SEGA passed on. Once we learn more, we’ll be sure to share it!

The Cave decends into the Humble Mobile Bundle 5

Got extra cash and want six Android games including the SEGA published ‘The Cave‘? What if I told you that your cash would help charity? Now its your time to help people out and pocket a few good mobile games while you are at it. Humble Mobile Bundle 5 has been announced and as of today it includes:

At least a dollar pledged:

  • Bag it
  • R-Type II
  • Aralon: Sword and Shadow

Beat the average (right now only $3.80):

  • The Cave
  • The Room Two
  • Carcassonne
  • More to be announced later

If you guys want to give money check it out right here. You can also check out our PC review of The Cave as well.