Total War modder creating his own RTS called ‘Ultimate General: Gettysburg’

The creator of the Total War mod Darthmod is now creating his own real-time strategy game being called Ultimate General: Gettysburg. The game will focus on the Battle of Gettysburg and will allow users to join either the Union or Confederate.

Choice’s players make will effect future missions, including tactical decisions that will impact solider’s morale. This game is just a first step, with promises of updates to improve gameplay, graphics and more depending on player feedback.

Fan crams a Gameboy SP into his Game Gear

Yep, sounds like a very sexual title. YouTube user ModGyver decided to unite both consoles by ripping out the insides of his GameBoy SP and putting the insides into his Game Gear shell.

Now you have the luxury of playing Gunstar Super Heroes and not feel like you betrayed your true blue heritage.

Sonic Generation mod lets you play as a penis

Have you ever sat down, played Sonic Generations and said “I want to play as a Penis”. Well you are in luck because some like minded pervert has released a rock hard cock mod for Sonic Generations. I don’t think I have to tell you that the above video is possibly NSFW.

Unleashed Project Mod out now for Sonic Generations

Sonic Generations already had one of the daytime levels from Sonic Unleashed (Rooftop Run), but what if you want more? Well, thanks to Sonic fans you can now play eight more redesigned stages in 60fps and any resolution your rig can handle!

No console limitations. This means support for unlimited resolutions, high-quality texture filtering and 60 FPS gameplay as long as you have the hardware for it. Stages that had performance problems in the original game now work perfectly (with a proper setup). Just features you’d expect from a regular PC version!

Eight Modern Sonic stages completely readapted from Sonic Unleashed. Lots of layout improvements, recreation of gimmicks, and fixing various bugs/glitches.

Want to know more and how to install it? Check out the Moddb page on it.

Watch Super Sonic beat Perfect Chaos in Sonic Generations

Were you upset that you weren’t able to play as Super Sonic during Perfect Chaos? Well, worry no more! A passionate Sonic fan has modded the PC version with a model swap on perfect chaos.

It’s not perfect, but it’s still pretty awesome to see. There is no download as of yet, but you know there will be one eventually, whether it is through this guy or someone else.

I’m hoping one day someone can mod the PC version to play more like the Sonic Adventure Perfect Chaos battle. I feel like the Generations version of Perfect Chaos is missing that sense of epic speed and scale.

Check out the awesome custom squid girl SEGA Genesis

So why is this called a squid girl Genesis? Well, in Japan there is a anime called “Invader! Squid Girl” that came from 2chan image boards. I guess its pretty popular with the natives over there, in the series they have a mock version of the Genesis (Mega Drive in Japan) called the Ika Drive. So a fan decided to repaint his working Mega Drive to match.

Got to be honest, I’m actually a fan of the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive classic (first console) in white. Those blue buttons also look great. What do you guys think?

[Source: Destructoid]

Game Gear mod adds five-inch screen and rechargeable batteries

When I was a kid and I had a Game Gear, I was super excited. The thing was way better than my Game Boy, but it only had one big issue. The battery life was horrible. Finally, someone made an awesome mod that makes the Game Gear more awesome: Introducing the Handy Gear.

It has a custom-made case, Master System converter and a 5-inch PSone screen. Most importantly, it has rechargeable batteries. The con? It’s big and weighs in at more than 2 pounds. Not so portable.

[Via: Engadget]

iPod Nano inside a Dreamcast VMU

Finally, something good comes from owning a Nano. Wait, I don’t own one, but if I did, I would do this. How cool is that? VMUs even go nicely as a keychain. The possibilities.

I guess SEGA’s VMU MP3 player idea has finally come to light, now if you excuse me, I’m ordering me a iPod Nano. Great mod!

[Source: Gizmodo]

Dreamcast + Millennium Falcon = Awesome

SEGA mods are the best, but what about a SEGA and Star Wars mod? Holy crap, that sounds amazing. Someone has just done that, its as if they divided by zero. “Pezzapoo” from the Ben Heck forums has put a Dreamcast into a Millennium Falcon toy.

“As soon as I saw these caricature versions of the Star wars toys I thought about the Dreamcast and how the fun little console would feel right at home inside one. Strangely the DC game port facia fitted directly into the toy with about a mill to spare so I knew it was meant to be! Two side docking ring fans keep the hot DC from melting. Lots of soldering and the switch was added to turn on the GDROM. No paint was applied.”

Now I wonder what else we can shove a Dreamcast into?

[Source: Dvice]