Super Monkey Ball 3DS – Monkey Race Footage

Sega news has all been a little too sweet recently, something had to give and it just did. I present to you Super Monkey Ball 3DS – Monkey Race Mode footage.

Here I was hoping that a return to the original Super Monkey Ball team would yield some good results for this series but alas, this looks pretty damn awful.

‘Monkey Race’ in Super Monkey Ball: Deluxe was actually a very fun distraction from the main game. Not only that, but it made sense! You would race your monkey inside his monkey ball and use momentum to propel yourself down hills and around tight corners.

This here is just a poor mans’ Mario Kart or Sega All-Star Racing even. The track looks dull, the items look stupid, the graphics are nothing to write home about, and it just doesn’t look fun at all. It doesn’t even have monkey target, I’ll be giving this one a miss.