Shining Resonance Refrain getting Nintendo Switch demo on June 12, 2018 [Update]

While SEGA has confirmed that Shining Resonance Refrain will be playable at E3 2018, it seems that the general public will also be getting a taste of Shining Resonance Refrain. At least if you own a Nintendo Switch, since the demo has been confirmed for a June 12, 2018 release. As far as whats in the demo and if its the same as the E3 build is unknown.

As you probably already know, the English version of Shining Resonance Refrain will hit Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on July 10, 2018. We will keep you updated on any new information regarding other versions of the demo on other consoles.

[Update: SEGA confirmed the demo will launch across PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles]

[Via Siliconera]