Fan Made: Hearts for Hardware by Randy Gallegos celebrates the SEGA Genesis and more!


Like paintings of classic consoles? Artist Randy Gallegos has you covered. From the series dubbed “Hearts for Hardware,” described as a platform-agnostic celebration of older gaming hardware, comes three SEGA focused oil paintings featuring the SEGA Genesis and the original 3-button and 6-button controllers. You may have seen Randy’s work before, as he spent two decades working as an illustrator in another area of gaming, creating imagery for Magic: the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons. With “Hearts for Hardware”, Randy combines his love of classic gaming with his painting skills. The results look great!

Check out Randy’s other “Hearts for Hardware” paintings on his website, including the NES, Playstation, and others. More SEGA works are on the way, including some import Japanese consoles. Looking forward to seeing where the series goes! After the break, check out the 3-button and 6-button SEGA Genesis controller paintings.