Sketch group BEASTS gives their humorous spin on the creation of Sonic the Hedgehog

Having just recently written about the history of Sonic’s many redesigns, it’s fitting that sketch comedy group BEASTS reached out to us to share a video they made on the creation of Sonic the Hedgehog. BEASTS member James McNicholas shared the following information with us:

Let’s face it: video games are weird. Those from the 80s and 90s are arguably weirdest of all — try explaining the logic behind Pac Man to someone whose never encountered it.

Few games make less sense than Sonic The Hedgehog, with its blue rodents, gold rings and magic emeralds. Fortunately, sketch group BEASTS have stumbled upon this footage of SEGA’s planning meeting for the original Sonic. Hope you like it!

BEASTS are comprised of Ciaran Dowd, James McNicholas and Owen Roberts. They’ve been going for two years, and have two sold-out runs at the Edinburgh Festival under our belts. You can find nice things that other journalists have said about them here (they don’t put the nasty ones up). They’re also over on Twitter @BEASTScomedy.

As regards the sketch itself, you’ll notice two of the characters are named Yuji and Naoto – an allusion to messrs Naka and Oshima. “Mr. Needlemouse”, as you’re probably aware, was the name given to the prototype for the Sonic character on Naoto Oshima’s early concept art.

Thanks to BEASTS for reaching out to us and sharing their work!

Shenmue Recreated in Sleeping Dogs (Fan Video)

Check out this parody of Shenmue 2 recreated in the game Sleeping Dogs. It’s done rather well and at times it’s very funny. The QTE battles and chases were great and I lost it when Ryo found ‘the mirror.’

Being set in Hong Kong Sleeping Dogs shares a similar aesthetic to Shenmue and so was perfect for parodying our beloved Shenmue. This also gives us a glimpse at what Shenmue HD or even Shenmue 3 might look like. (Get on with it already Sega!)

The parody was created by the youtube user DSimphonyHD, Segabits solutes you sir!

Game Informer: Sonic Reborn fake review

The latest Game Informer (issue: 216) has a parody section called “Game Infarcer” that features great news like “Japanese Developers won’t shut up about how much Japanese development sucks” and how Activision shuts down every studio.

Yes, its not to be taken seriously. I thought some of you guys would enjoy the fake review of ‘Sonic Reborn’ which of course is a fake game.