New Yakuza 0 PC patch removes Denuvo DRM and adds other fixes

SEGA has just released a new (beta) patch for Yakuza 0, this patch removes the controversial Denuvo DRM. The beta patch was posted by SEGA over on the Steam forums where he goes more into on what the patch fixes. Of course this is a beta patch, it might still have bugs, so if you are a regular user you might want to wait for SEGA and other users to test how it runs.

Here are some other highlights:

  • Fix shaders and shadows on skin tone
  • Improved Ultrawide display support
  • Target monitor output for multi monitor setups

It seems that the biggest update will be the removal of Denuvo, which wasn’t confirmed by SEGA’s developers but by a user. It is nice to see SEGA continue to support their PC games with consistent updates. I just wish SEGA would do this more for console games, especially the Sonic the Hedgehog titles which always seem to ship with a lot of issues.

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric patch is live [UPDATE]


A patch for Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric has gone live, and apparently it’s quite hefty, weighing in at roughly 1030MB! That puts this update at just over a gigabyte!

The news of the patch comes from multiple Twitter sources, confirming an update had indeed gone live; and now, one member of the Sonic Stadium forums has claimed the update clocks in a just over a gigabyte. That’s a pretty insane file size for a patch (though still not quite as bad as Ubisoft’s recent Assassin’s Creed patches…)! As for what the patch actually fixes, it is as of yet unconfirmed; early claims are that the Knuckles Infinite Jump glitch is finally gone, and that the visual performance in co-op mode has been improved somewhat. We’ll update here as details become more clear.

Thanks also go to Feniiku on Twitter for helping us confirm the release of the patch.

UPDATE: The patch is currently only live in Europe, from the looks of things. 

NiGHTS into Dreams on PSN and XBLA Patch – Available Now

Somewhat out of the blue Sega has today announced that they’ve released a patch for NiGHTS into Dreams for PSN and XBLA. The patch includes adjusted controls to allow analog input in 24 directions, which will allow for greater control of our favourite purple jester. Not only that but the speed of the drill-dash move has been aligned with the speed of the Saturn original version.

Best of all the patch is available right now, go and download it Nightopians!

SEGA patching Chu Chu Rocket, adding 100 extra levels

Gah, you get a game and then you have to patch it. Isn’t that annoying? Well, this time, you might actually be happy about patching up your game. Not only will this patch fix annoying bugs, it will add 100 extra levels. Full details:
• iPad Game Center for OS 4.2 iPads
• 100 Extra levels added to Puzzle mode
• Ghost arrows added to Multiplayer mode
• Arrow placement UI improved
• Multiplayer lobby UI improved

• Rare crash-at-launch bug fixed
• Bug that occasionally caused some achievements not to unlock fixed
• Mouse-entering-rocket audio issue fixed
• Performance upgrades

Actually a pretty fast patch, considering I have seen SEGA take forever to  patch their other titles or not patch them at all. But it won’t stop here, SEGA says they have ‘more plans’ for Chu Chu Rocket in the future. Exciting.

[Source: SEGAblog]

Alpha Protocol getting patched

Chris Avellone from Obsidian Entertainment has confirmed that they are working on a patch for Alpha Protocol. They stated the reason that they have not released it yet was because of SEGA.

“We wanted to release something fairly quickly based upon some feedback we were getting. I think [SEGA] wanted to take a different approach by gathering more information over a longer period of time and provide a patch then. That’s what we’re figuring out right now.”

So what about DLC? This seems like the type of game that would benefit from such a thing, just like Bioware games. Don’t hold your breath.

“I don’t know if [SEGA is] talking about that at all yet. I can say that we’re not working on any DLC right now. We’d love to, but we’re not.”

With the game dropping to $39.99 already, maybe its the prefect time to get the game?

[Source: GameBanshee]