Shining Force Online: a fan-made MMO enters beta testing this week

Shining Force Online will be a ‘free to play’ MMO based on the Sega classic series and is set to enter beta on the 28th of November. The game is set to be released for free via Arcade County and will feature a ‘alternative universe’ with a brand new storyline and familiar characters.

Sadly the game isn’t 100% free, as the developers included micro-transactions called ‘Shining Force Platinum User Upgrade’, charging about $23 dollars for ’25 tickets’.  Even though the developers assure players that their game will never be ‘pay to win’, it seems that its already leaning that way since being a platinum user gives you two skill points per day instead of one and ‘full experience earned from combat’. Many big name Shining Force supporters have gotten angry at Arcade County for wanting to profit off of a fan game, including ‘friskydeath’ who wrote on their forum and has reported the game to SEGA’s legal team.

So what are your thoughts? Does the person have to cover costs of servers? Is this the wrong way to go around it? Let us know if you’ll be playing the MMO on the 28th!