SEGA in the Charts: MediaCreate charts for March 10 – 16 March 2014

Hero Bank

SEGA latest multimedia video game, Hero Bank for the Nintendo 3DS, debuted in the Japanese charts. Joining it last week was Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 2 for the Playstation Vita, the retail version of the highly successful MMO with added perks. Both arrived at a time with a slew of new software reflected by the Japanese charts which holds 14 out of 20 new titles in the top 20. It was always going to be tough for both titles as they release at the same time as several big titles, so hit the break to find out how they fared.

Check out Phantasy Star Online 2’s super hard mode in action

Above is a video showing off the October update for Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 2. The start of the video shows off the new Super Hard mode.

You also get to see new skill levels since they bumped leveling up to 65. This means that if you max out your skills you get two additional skills to play with. Along with all this they have new rare enemies and new rare interrupt events. Interrupt events is basically an event that happens randomly and the player can choose to attack, defend and other objective to finish the quest.

This game looks so great, its a shame that its not out here in the West. SEGA needs to get up off their ass and confirm if its coming out, if not we can just play the damn Japanese version with the English patch.

Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 2 footage to be shown April 9th

We posted last month that SEGA announced the first expansion pack to Phantasy Star Online 2, titled Code Episode 2. Satoshi Sakai stated that they will show footage during their live Nico Nico broadcast on April 9th (which happens to be my birthday, thank you Sakai!).

He also talked about a new update that is hitting the Playstation Vita later this month. This update will allow players to customize the controls in the game and chat adjustments.

So what about us Phantasy Star fans in the west? Well, SEGA’s last update was that it was delayed and didn’t give a release date…