SEGA Tunes: PSO Episode 3 C.A.R.D. Revolution’s “Let the Winds Blow”

Every now and then, I surf around for SEGA music. Not for Tuesday Tunes, though, but for my own enjoyment. I mostly do it when I’m looking for a certain kind of music. More specifically, the music posted above. Something orchestral, something theatrical, and something emotional. Something I can either fall asleep to, or to inspire me as I write something.

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this track on iTunes, while I was surfing around the digital store for things to listen to while I awaited the flight that would take me to San Francisco and allow me to play Sonic & All-Stars Racing. For a game I barely hear about anymore, the opening track is surprisingly strong and well-constructed, giving off the atmosphere of a game I’d like to experience. I’ve heard Phantasy Star Episode 3 isn’t as good as its predecessors, since it focused on a card based battle system rather than real time fighting, but maybe I’ll give it a try anyway sometime.