SEGA of Japan and Sharp team up for Telebeena – a streaming educational entertainment platform


The SEGA Pico legacy lives on with Telebeena, a streaming educational entertainment platform from SEGA of Japan relasing to Sharp LCD TVs this Fall. The name “Telebeena” may hold some significance to SEGA hardware fans, as Beena was the name of the followup console to SEGA’s Pico. The Telebeena is an evolution of the Pico/Beena brand, which will act as a streaming service to select Sharp TVs, specifically “AQUOS Quattron pro” and the XL20 line, and smartphones. Similar to the Wii U and Pico/Beena, kids will be able to play Telebeena software on their TV by using a supported smartphone or tablet as a second screen. The official Telebeena site has revealed Sonic & The Jewel of Mystery will be the service’s first title, featuring simple matching and puzzle games.

The Telebeena is set for an early November release, and as soon as we learn more we’ll be sure to post it here at SEGAbits!

SEGA Retrospective: Over 20 years later, and the Pico is still an amazing piece of hardware


The Year of the SEGA Console highlights several pieces of SEGA hardware celebrating milestone anniversaries, and for the most part the featured consoles are well regarded. March’s Genesis Month focused on what was arguably the most beloved consoles from SEGA’s past. The Saturn (20 years old in Japan) and Dreamcast (15 years old in the West), despite their missteps, are equally loved. But what about the black sheep of the SEGA console family? The 32X, which turns 20 this year, has been bad-mouthed, stomped on, and even impaled by flaming arrows.

The Pico, a children’s computer which turns 20 this year in the US, hasn’t received the same vitriol as the 32X, but it too has been pushed aside as one of the disreputable members of SEGA’s hardware family. The reasons for this, I’d suspect, are that the Pico software is simply not targeted at gamers. The software, dubbed Storyware by SEGA, are teaching tools and interactive storybooks. As such, a bulk of the Pico’s library could be seen as “childish” and “boring”, but when approaching the console in the right mindset, it really is an amazing piece of hardware.