Playstation Home gets Virtua Tennis 4 promotional mini game

When Home launched everyone thought it was a tad shit, because it was basically that. Now it has tons of spots and stuff to do. Sony has even said they will be streaming their E3 event from Home. Now SEGA is using Home to promote Virtua Tennis 4 with a free Home game.

The mini game they made to promote Virtua Tennis 4 isn’t a tennis game, it’s a galaga shooting game that takes place on a tennis court (with you taking control of the tennis ball machine). The spot and game are 100% free, and also look pretty fun. So log in and enjoy. This is a Europe announcement, so we might have to wait for the US home release.

[Source: SEGA.Blog UK]

Alpha Protocol to sneak into Playstation Home

Alpha Protocol is set to make its Playstation Home appearance soon, as soon as this Thursday. You will be able to look like the smug face Michael Thornton while you sexually harass female avatars and secretly hope they are really women.

After that you can stick to the main plaza and dance around like a fool. Isn’t that what Home is all about?

[Source: Playstation Blog]

Yakuza 3 sneaks onto Playstation Home

If you want to be like a dragon, look tough on Sony’s Home, be sure to get the free Yakuza 3 t-shirt that has recently appeared on Playstation Home. Go to the mall section of Home.

“Show your support for the Dragon of Dojima with these official Yakuza 3 tees.”

Damn right I will support Kazuma and at the low, low price of free, how can I refuse? Now Sony should let us beat up people at Home and force them to apologize and give us money. That is how life works on the  streets.

[Thanks: Deekman]