SEGA News Bits: Dreamcast 2 Fan Project Shuts Down Reaction

Late last year a group of SEGA Dreamcast fans announced they where petitioning SEGA to start Project Dream, which was basically a Dreamcast 2 console. The users behind the project used a petition to garner support for their Dreamcast 2 project. After getting over 30,000 signatures from fans around the globe, getting some mainstream press coverage and showing off a few Dreamcast 2 video concepts the team has now called it quits.

We give you all the information you might have missed on the project, talk about why they shut down and our opinions on the whole thing. Tell us what you think in the comments below. If you haven’t, make sure to subscribe to get more SEGA News Bits videos.

Dreamcast 2 Fan Project Shuts Down

sega-dreamcast-2Last year a group of fans got together to try and get a Dreamcast 2 console off the ground. They aggressively tried to use petition sites like and showed off several videos showing off concepts like the menus. We even did an opinion piece on the project, pointing out concerns we had with how it was being handled.

It seems that what we expected came true and now ‘Project Dream’ is officially dead. Yes, that means there is no Dreamcast 2.  They have now shut down their website and facebook group. But left this message as an explanation:

“The project has been taken offline. This is due to a schism within the team caused by inefficient and amateurish conduct resulting in members being removed and others leaving the team. In light of such unprofessional behavior and an embarrassing lack of progress, seasoned members of the gaming industry have chosen to distance themselves from the project. I too am stepping away from Project Dream. Please note the Twitter account @Project_DreamDC is no longer associated with this group.”

According to a inside source from Dreamcast Junkyard, there is a lot of ‘schism’ within the team and in-fighting. This turned into a rift between core members of Project Dream. Let’s be honest, SEGA said in 2001 that they were leaving the console hardware space, they aren’t coming back. This was bound to fail even without the in-fighting between the members. I mean why would SEGA even call it the Dreamcast 2? What are your thoughts?

[Source: Dreamcast Junkyard]

Opinion: So about Project Dream and their Dreamcast 2 plans – calm down, it’s not official or sane


Update: So after a bit of internet sleuthing and comments from those who have dealt with SEGA home console conspiracy artists in the past, all of this very well may be the work of the infamous Zach Morris. Mr. Morris, or whatever his name is, has been up to this sort of nonsense since 2003.

Because people often just read headlines and run to their local GameStop to have a in-depth chat with the guy at the desk to talk about how SEGA is totally making a new console and it is going to be dubbed the Dreamcast 2, I thought I’d present a short opinion piece on the Project Dream team and their plans to get SEGA to develop a Dreamcast 2. To be quite honest, after having read the Project Dream team’s plans and having heard about the project with one of their members for the past month I was ready to just ignore the whole thing. But given a few news sites are enthusiastically running the story and no doubt more will pick it up and run with it, I thought it best that SEGAbits said something about it. I should make note that this is not a news piece, it is an opinion piece.