Yakuza 6’s prologue focuses on Kazuma Kiyru and Haruka Sawamura

Yakuza6FeatSEGA has released Yakuza 6‘s prologue story to the public. It seems that Yakuza 6 will focus on Kazuma Kiyru and Haruka Sawamura relationship as it will have to do with Kazuma Kiryu investigating an accident that has occurred. If you haven’t played and beat Yakuza 5, I warn you not to read the prologue of Yakuza 6 since it explains what happens at the end of the last game.

Interesting enough Yakuza 6 has been teased as the last chapter in Kazuma Kiryu’s story line and also that it will have to do with ‘family bond versus those you consider family’. Want to read the prologue? Head to Gematsu or hit the jump!

Iron Man 2 – Prologue Trailer

Anyone that knows me knows I hated everything about the original Ironman game, which is a shame because Ironman has always been my favorite Marvel hero.

I won’t lie and tell you that I think Ironman 2 is going to be any better, I don’t and it’s just not the kind of game I want to see from Sega. But too give credit where credit is due… This is a cool trailer! I think it captures the whole filthy rich playboy life style of Tony Stark with that crazy Marvel twist. Check it out!