UPDATED: SegaSonic the Hedgehog arcade prototype supposedly uncovered – presenting SegaSonic Bros.


Remember when the SegaSonic Popcorn Shop ROM was dumped and playable on MAME? Well that same person who did that is now teasing something else Sonic arcade related! Originally shared on Tumblr is what appears to be a working prototype of SegaSonic The Hedgehog the arcade game. The user tagged the Tumblr post with “#unreleased” and added the caption “…it’s the megaton…”. The megaton indeed. For those not in the know, SegaSonic the Hedgehog was a trackball controlled arcade game released exclusively to Japan and North America in 1993. Given the control scheme, the game has not released outside of arcades as Sonic Team has claimed it is too tricky to make the game playable with standard control pads. The game featured the debut of Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Squirrel, but as this supposed prototype dated 1992 reveals the game was initially known as SegaSonic Bros. and featured blue hedgehog Sonic and a yellow and orange version of our hero (or perhaps two new hedgehogs?). Let’s just hope this hedgehog trio don’t form a band and look for their long lost mother.

We hope to hear more details on this soon, so in the meantime consider this a rumor. Fingers crossed this game gets dumped as well.

Discuss multi-colored Sonics and more in the SEGAbits forums, and after the break check out a small update on this story!

Sonic Dreams Collection: Fan made ‘unreleased’ Sonic Dreamcast prototypes


It seems that Arcane Kids, the programmer behind 2013’s Bubsy 3D tribute is now he doing a similar release for Sonic the Hedgehog. He is releasing the ‘Sonic Dreams Collection‘ over on his new site ‘hedgehog.exposed‘ (password is: grandpa). Yes, the site is hosted via Tumblr. You can try Sonic Dreams Collection on both Windows and Mac OS.

According to Arcane Kids’ own description:

“The Arcane Kids$ salvaged FOUR playable prototypes, some concept art, and countless top-secret SEGA files.”

The four ‘salvaged playable prototypes’ include:

  • Make My Sonic ’96: Change colors, size of body parts and more.
  • Eggman Origins ’97: Not working, needs to be connected to ‘Seganet’.
  • Sonic Movie Maker ’98: Play director in various scenes featuring a dark story line.
  • My Roommate Sonic ’99: Hang out with your roomate Sonic while Eggman gives you instructions via phone texts.

While they are passing off the collection as obtained unreleased games via a developer kit purchased via Ebay, the release is clearly created using Unity and doesn’t run on Dreamcast hardware. Its a nice tribute release to make the rounds online. If you want to see someone with a unenthusiastic voice play the leak, hit the jump.