SEGA Announces The SEGA Astro City Mini V

In the past we talked about the SEGA Astro City Mini, a mini console designed to mimic SEGA’s Astro City line of arcade machines that comes packaged with 37 SEGA arcade games. Well it looks like SEGA is ready to release a new successor, named the SEGA Astro City Mini V. As the name implies, the main difference between the original mini arcade cabinet and the new one is that the SEGA Astro City Mini V system has a vertical (aka portrait) screen. Another major difference is the larger emphasis on third party games instead of SEGA’s own arcade titles, including games such as Raiden, Truxton (aka Tatsujin), and Gunbird. 22 games have been revealed for the SEGA Astro City Mini V, which can be viewed under the read more tag below.