Phantasy Star Online 2 launches on Steam on August 5th

Phantasy Star Online 2 has been available in North America for several months, but only for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. All that changes on August 5th when Phantasy Star Online 2 releases to Steam for PC. Along with the date announcement came a slew of special rewards which allow you to wear costumes and decorations from Half-Life, Team Fortress and Portal. This isn’t the first time SEGA and Valve joined forces, as fans might remember when Renegade Ops and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed crossed paths with Valve franchises.

Read more about the Steam rewards at the PSO2 website, and in the meantime mark your calendars for August 5th!

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis releasing 2021, updating original game system and graphics engine

Today’s Xbox Game Showcase had a surprise for SEGA fans. What initially looked like episode for Phantasy Star Online 2 turned out to be a complete overhaul to the existing game entitled Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. Dubbed “the latest entry in the series” and released to celebrate the original PSO’s 20th anniversary, the game will update PSO2’s game system and graphics engine and is planned to release on a global scale, including Japan and North America.

The official accounts have said your progress will carry over. The game will release to Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Windows 10 in North America and for Japan it is set for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and the cloud (PC and Switch). More information as we hear it, and in the meantime check out the official website.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode 4 releases August 2020 on Windows 10 and Xbox One

IGN’s Summer of Gaming event has revealed that Phantasy Star Online 2 will be seeing a western release of Episode 4 to Windows 10 and Xbox One this August. The free-to-play game currently has three episodes localized, with the fourth venturing into some very weird territory. The Phantasy Star Wiki describes Episode 4 as follows:

Two years after the end of the previous episode, the player character finally wakes up from their cold sleep. ARKS has undergone an administrative overhaul, with the player and Matoi sitting on a special position called the Guardian. Additionally, ARKS has discovered a planet that resides in another dimension, which is none other than Earth. However, this discovery brought new cases onto the table, such as the sharp influx of new ARKS members and the sudden appearance of enigmatic creatures known as Phantoms on the planet.

Check out the official trailer after the break!

Don’t Forget: Phantasy Star Online 2 releases to Windows 10 PC in North America

Phantasy Star Online 2 has been available on the Xbox One for a few months in North America, but very soon the game will also be hitting Windows 10 PC. How soon? The release date is set for May 27 at around 5 AM PDT, after scheduled server maintenance, and you can download the game today, May 26, at 11 PM PDT.

The game will feature crossplay with Xbox One players, so there will already be a sizable community already enjoying the game. Want more? Phantasy Star Online 2 is a Play Anywhere title that features cross-platform play and progress. Xbox One players can keep their progress on Windows 10 PCs by accessing the game using the same Microsoft Live ID used to play on Xbox One.

There are a number of special events and item giveaways planned, so check out the PSO2 blog for all the details on how to obtain the goodies. See you online!

Phantasy Star Online 2 PC release window revealed, Xbox One cross-play confirmed

Phantasy Star Online 2 has had its Xbox One open beta going on for almost a month, and now we have news of when PC players can expect to start playing the western localization of the game. PSO2 is set for a North American PC launch of “late May” 2020, exclusively on the Microsoft Store. It has also been confirmed that there will be cross-play between Xbox One and PC players on day one of the PC release.

No information has been given about a Steam release, but once we hear something we’ll be sure to news it!

[Source: Forbes]

Phantasy Star Online 2 coming to Japanese PlayStation 4 owners on April 20

PhantasyStarOnline2Playsation4SEGA Japan have finally given a specific date as to when their free-to-play online game, Phantasy Star Online 2 will hit the Playstation 4. That date is April 20. Right now SEGA will accept 50,000 beta testers between January 25 and February 15.

SEGA will also repackage the game with the upcoming ‘Reborn: Episode 4‘ content update and release it in retail for the PS4, PS Vita and PC. Those that pay ¥4,990 ($43) will get a variety of in-game items.

As for a Western release, SEGA has already said they have no plans on bringing Phantasy Star Online 2 outside of Japan. Which led us to write a decent rebuttal here. So tell us if any of you are planning on importing the game or give us your two cents on the whole ‘no Phantasy Star Online 2 outside of Japan’ issue in the comments below!

[Via: Gematsu]

Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 3 Introduces Myau…er, Nyau!

PSO2NyauPhantasy Star Online 2: Episode 3 is coming out on August 27 in Japan. It will feature a new planet to explore, a casino for the lobby, new skills for old classes and an entirely new class in the Bouncer. It will also feature new characters and enemies, and the one featured above should be interesting to fans familiar with the classic Phantasy Star games.

Meet Nyau! Nyau is an enemy to be introduced in Episode 3, clearly inspired by the party character Myau from the first Phantasy Star game. According to Siliconera, Nyaus have high defense, so to battle them more efficiently you’ll need to make them vulnerable by destroying their weapon when they drop it. This will prompt Nyau to mourn the loss and be open for attacks. Nyaus are reportedly still strong on offense by themselves and can summon bosses, so speed will be of the essence. Also, if you manage to break a Nyau’s weapon you may have a chance for an item drop!

Credit to this PSUBlog entry for the image capture.

PSO2 launches on July 4th in Japan, also… launch trailer

If you haven’t been living in a stone cave, then you will know that PSO2 has been in beta for a while now and is way awesome. The game officially launches in Japan on July 4th. Additions to the launch release include an increase of the class level cap to 40, a new snow area, 3rd form of mag, and additional story missions.

If you didn’t watch the trailer above you should, nothing amazing for anyone who has played the game, but it’s still a super awesome trailer. Fingers crossed for US/EU announcement very soon. Would be nice to play this game in English.

PSO2 Producer Satoshi Sakai briefs fans on upcoming features, reveals previous beta stats

 PSO2 Producer Satoshi Sakai sat down with fans recently to discuss the upcoming open BETA for Phantasy Star Online 2, as well as the final game, which is expected to launch in Japan this summer. They also revealed the stats of the last closed beta, and revealed that another closed BETA may be in order before they can continue with the open BETA. The stats for the closed BETA are as follows:

  • 147,000 CBT Client Downloads
  • 131,000 people participated in the Beta.
  • Average of 63,000 people login a day.
  • 23,500 simultaneous connections.

Phantasy Star Online 2 – Opening CG and Trailer

Last night Sega held two Phantasy Star Online 2 “Fan Briefings” where members of the development team including ‘Dragon’ Sakai took to the stage in Akihabara Japan to revealed new details about PSO2. Fans who could not attend the even, like you and I could watch it on USTREAM.

The above video is the opening CGI movie of PSO2, hit the jump to watch a trailer for the game which includes lots of gameplay recorded from the USTREAM video so quality isnt the best.

Note the remixed version of the original PSO theme music ‘A Whole New World’ playing during both videos.

Phantasy Star Online 2 delayed to sometime 2012

SEGA today confirmed that one of their most anticipated titles has been pushed back to sometime in 2012. The game was suppose to release late this year following its Alpha trial but has been pushed back due to fan feedback. Speaking on the matter, producer Satoshi Sakai says the decision was made by SEGA following the feedback from the alpha-test. SEGA has now confirmed that a second trial will be held in early 2012 and those who tried the original alpha as well as new participants will be allowed entry. With such news, expect the release date to be moved to sometime in mid 2012 when SEGA officially announces a new date.

[Source: Siliconera]

SEGA titles appear in CESA awards for TGS 2011

SEGA managed to help themselves to two awards at the conclusion of the Tokyo Game Show. Both Binary Domain and Phantasy Star Online 2 were 2 of the 11 that picked up Future awards at CESA’s annual awards. The award is handed out based on popularity and is perhaps a good indication for what to expect from sales for both SEGA’s futuristic shooter and large scale online adventure game.

[Thanks Suzuki Yu for the tip!]

PSO2 Minimum Requirements Revealed

With the release of Phantasy Star Portable 2:Infinity in Japan (today) also comes news of the minimum requirements needed for the Phantasy Star Online 2 Alpha Test.

Some lucky people who get a hold of the initial shipment of PSP2:I will also receive a code inside their game case. Others who subscribe to PSO:BB and PSU in Japan can receive the code though e-mail. These people can register their code right now at

You will need to register for a SEGA ID then use the code to log in by pressing the alpha test button in blue.

Hit the jump for the all important Minimum Requirements,