Demiurge Studios’ Puzzle & Glory closing on April 15th


Bad news for people playing the SEGA and Demiurge Studios mobile game Puzzle & Glory, it has been announced on April 15th, 2016 the game will be shutting down due to not achieving a large enough audience. It has been advised that anyone playing this game to spend any remaining Arelium and gold before shutting down. In-app purchases have also been disabled until closure.

SEGA’s Puzzle & Glory mobile game gets soft launch in Canada

SEGA has just had a soft launch for Puzzle & Glory which is being developed by newly acquired Demiurge Studios (Marvel Puzzle Quest). The game should be available to Canadian users on both the Play Store and iTunes right now. Puzzle & Glory is a Match-3 RPG puzzle game that has been popularized by Puzzle & Dragons (wow, see the similar titles?).

The game has you going through dungeons as you explore, conquer quests and traverse the dangerous landscapes of Aetria. The game even has competitive PVP mode if you’re into that. If you want to try the game out and you’re on Apple devices you can always make a Canadian iTunes account to try it. As for Android users, we have to wait until the APK pops up on the internet.

[Via: The Forums]