Radiant Silvergun has surprise release on Nintendo Switch, then is swiftly pulled from North American eShop

In a surprise announcement from the September 13th Nintendo Direct video showcase, the Treasure-developed Sega Saturn classic Radiant Silvergun was just released onto the Nintendo Switch eShop, courtesy of publisher Live Wire Inc.

Well, to many of you, this may be a surprise. However, Treasure had actually teased a re-release of a “highly requested” game from their storied past for their 30th anniversary celebration in June of this year. Two weeks ago, during Tokyo Game Show, the exact game was leaked online through some unused images on the Happinet website, who hosted several company’s’ games at their own booth. For anyone unaware of of all this, you are likely pleasantly surprised.

SEGA Saturn’s 20th Anniversary: Celebrating Decades of Arcade Perfection

The SEGA Saturn turns 20 years old today and I thought it would be a good time to discuss the popularity of the Saturn in the land of the rising sun because if we did this article on its life in America it would be a very depressing and frankly this means I can write about Segata Sanshiro which is always fantastic.

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