Hucast Games announces Redux 2 for the Dreamcast

We have a love and hate relationship with Hucast Games, while we admit we weren’t the biggest fans of their first entry due to technical issues, it felt even more slimy with they continued to re-release the game multiple titles and charging people for these new versions (see: Dux 1.5Redux: Dark Matters and the revision disc). Now the studio is ready to move on and finally release a full fledged sequel called Redux 2.

The game will come in three packaged variations:

The game is set to feature seven stages, new spacecrafts, a selection of new weapons, and 2-player co-op mode. While the game has not gotten a release date, Hucast Games is allowing users to pre-order their games now. Isn’t that generous of them?

Here are the different packages and first screenshots:

Hucast Games announces Redux: Dark Matters revision disc

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 6.17.20 PM

Hucast Games, developer of indie Dreamcast shmups DUX and Redux: Dark Matters is well known for releasing revision discs of their games. The original DUX, for example, saw an original release, a 1.5 revision, and a special release featuring an earlier version of the game. Redux: Dark Matters was an enhanced remake of DUX funded on Kickstarter, featuring new gameplay modes and enhanced graphics. Unfortunately, the original release of Redux: Dark Matters had its share of problems, namely a game freezing bug during one boss battle and fuzzy 240p graphics. Hucast is looking to remedy these issues with a version 1.1 revision disc, featuring “Super sharp TV screen picture via RGB/S-Video Cable (And VGA of course)” and a fix to the “Boss Freeze” bug. Unfortunately, the initial 240p graphics are not being bumped up to 480p, but rather the developer plans to do something else to feature “super sharp TV screen picture”.

The revision Disc will be available in March, and Hucast promises more news and instructions for how purchasers can get the disc soon.

First Impressions: ‘Redux: Dark Matters’ for the SEGA Dreamcast


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Being the first successfully crowd funded Dreamcast indie game released, Redux: Dark Matters is finally here after two years of development, sent to me in the post yesterday morning. Has this kickstarted shmup been worth the wait and the cash? Read on to find out…

Indie Dreamcast game Redux: Dark Matters is now shipping

It has been a long road, but Hucast’s Redux: Dark Matters for the SEGA Dreamcast has finally begun to ship out for Kickstarter backers at the $65 level. Funded in June of 2012, and originally expected to ship in December of the same year, Redux: Dark Matters saw several delays and some controversy over the game’s exclusivity to Kickstarter backers. But all that may be behind us as Hucast shared the following via their blog:

Redux: Dark Matters is the up and coming space shooting game with fresh scoring elements and an incredible soundtrack composed by Andre Neuman featuring legendary video game composer Chris Huelsbeck (Turrican, R-Type). Featuring Highres visuals with in-space, robot blasting, shooting game action. Developed by René Hellwig from NG:DEV.TEAM (GunLord, Fast Striker, Last Hope and DUX) and programmed by KTX Software Development. The game was now released, and is now shipping.

Those who didn’t back the Kickstarter project can purchase the game at the Hucast shop, or you can purchase the Redux: Dark Matters standard edition and the limited edition at Play-Asia.