SEGA Tunes: Rhythm Thief Month, “Claire de Luna”

Welcome to the first installment of a month long Tuesday Tunes Feature: Rhythm Thief Month! It’s been years since we’ve had a new SEGA rhythm game, so Tuesday Tunes is going to mark the occasion with over a month’s worth of the game’s awesome soundtrack!

Featuring this weak is the game’s official music video for the game’s J-pop theme, “Claire de Luna” by Japanese singer/song writer miwa. While not representative of the game’s in-game tracks, which features a wide range of genres, it’s a pretty awesome J-pop track accompanied by a well put together selection of animated scenes from the game’s numerous animated cut scenes.

Rhythm Thief looks like it will be a very special game, something I hope all of our readers will pick up, especially in light of SEGA’s recent troubles. The game has a spectacular track. This is going to be a very fun month! Two more tracks including the Rhythm Thief Main Theme and It’s Show Time are below the fold.

SEGA to have upcoming games playable at Jump Festa

SEGA will have the majority of their handheld titles (and one arcade title) playable at Jump Festa. Check out the list of playable titles.

  • Samurai & Dragons (Vita)
  • Shining Blade (PSP)
  • Rhythm Thief R (3DS)
  • Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project Mirai (3DS)
  • Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade (Arcade)
By the time that the show starts, Puyo Puyo will already be out (comes out 12/15). As for Project Diva Arcade, this one is already out  in game centers. Everything else is a 2012 title.
So what do you get for playing unreleased games? Free swag. Isn’t that awesome? If you live in Japan, the event will start on December 17th and end on the 18th at the Makuhari Messe outside of Tokyo.