Sakura Taisen Paris: Hana-gumi Revue Mont Paris 2012 live on NicoVideo on 12/28

With just 15 years of stage shows, the Sakura Taisen series is still going strong in Japan. A new stage show will be performed at the Aoyama Theater and features the return of the Paris Kagekidan (Flower Division) from Sakura Wars 3 who are also the voice actors for the characters in the game series. The play will also feature new variety and two new characters. There will be 3 performances live on December 28th-29th on Nico Nico Video so everyone can get a chance to see Noriko Hidaka sing “Good Morning, Boujour”. Hope to see the Teikou Kagekidan gets the same treatment next year. Check out the list of the cast and a preview video by hitting the jump.