Sakura Wars the Animation to receive an English Dub from Funimation

Sakura Wars the Animation, the animated sequel to Sakura Wars (2019), will be receiving a full English dub of all 12 episodes on Funimation’s website starting tomorrow (Feb 2nd). The series follows the division as they face a renewed demonic invasion and deal with a tournament, all while working to keep their beloved Imperial Theater open and operating. Here is the full English voice cast of the Sakura Wars the Animation dub:

English Voice Cast

Sakura: Cherami Leigh
Anastasia: Stephanie Young
Azami: Sarah Wiedenheft
Clarissa: Amanda Gish
Elise: Emily Neves
Hakushu: Luci Christian
Hatsuho: Amber Lee Connors
Kamiyama: Ian Sinclair
Kanzaki: Michelle Ruff
Kaoru: Monica Rial
Klara: Lindsay Seidel
Komachi: Tia Ballard
Lancelot: Felecia Angelle
Leyla: Terri Doty
ADR Director: Stephen Hoff
Mix Engineer: Rawly Pickens
ADR Scriptwriter: Terri Doty

Note that one of the voice actress, Michelle Ruff, is returning her role as Sumire Kanzaki from Sakura Wars: The Movie. What are thoughts on the cast for the animated series, do you think we’ll see the cast return for a new Sakura Wars game in the near future? Let us know in the comments below!

Sakura Wars the Animation joins Funimation’s Spring 2020 Line Up

Next month, the animated sequel to Sakura Wars (2019), Sakura Wars the Animation, will be joining Funimation’s Spring 2020 Line Up for viewers to watch the anime though subtitles while airing simultaneous in Japan on April 3rd.

Taking place after the events of Sakura Wars (2019), New Flower Division team is transferred to Europe by Seijuro Kamiyama, and Sakura Amamiya was appointed Deputy Commander. Kamiyama returns home temporarily to the Flower Division who all struggle every day, but there is an unknown girl beside named Clara, who is the only survivor of the Moscow group that was destroyed after a major accident . Sakura welcomes Clara, who was commissioned by Kamiyama and transferred to the Flower Division. Meanwhile, a group that claims to be “Moscow Assault Force” suddenly appears in the Imperial City.

Based on the video game franchise, Sakura Wars the Animation arrives this spring from studio SANZIGEN and director Manabu Ono (Sword Art Online: Alicization). The series stars Ayane Sakura (My Hero Academia) as Sakura, Ayaka Fukuhara (Captain Tsubasa) as Anastasia, Maaya Uchida (GOBLIN SLAYER) as Hatsuho and Youhei Azakami (The Seven Deadly Sins) as Seijuro.