Some direct screens of SEGA/Capcom/Namco’s Project X Zone

Namco-Bandai has released direct screenshots of their latest crossover game featuring characters from their franchise and also SEGA and Capcom. The game is called Project X Zone, which was revealed the other day via Famitsu. The game definitely has a budget look, using older 16-bit looking graphics.

Namco and Capcom have teamed up before for a game on the Playstation 2 called Namco x Capcom, which seems to have the same exact concept as Project X Zone. Sadly this title didn’t make it out of Japan. I wouldn’t expect this one either.

Total War Battles: Shogun is the iOS & Android game, check out first screens

So are you a big fan of the Total War series? Have you ever wished you could play it on your mobile smart phone? Well, now you can. SEGA just announced Total War Battles: Shogun, their first Total War entry on the smartphone. It will be coming out for iOS and Android. This is not a PC port, its a original game build from the ground up to work great on your beautiful smart phone. The game promises a 10 hour long campaign, challenge missions and multiplayer on a shared screen.

Hit the jump to see the gallery of screenshots.

Get a Better Look at Bosses in New Sonic 4 Episode 2 Screens!

A new collection of Sonic 4 Episode 2 screens have hit the interwebs, and while they cover stages we’ve already seen, they also highlight a few boss battles. Egg Serpentleaf looks to be a huge boss, and this is only the first zone! Metal Sonic appears to have copied Sonic once again as he is seen executing a homing attack and taking out the ground below. After the break, check out the other screens and take a look at yet another gameplay video… this time competently played!

First Phantasy Star Online 2 Vita screens make it online

SEGA just got done announcing Phantasy Star Online 2 for the Vita a few days ago, but now they are ready to start releasing screens. Well, at least 3 of them. The game might look a bit rough to you, but Sakai has confirmed that it’s only 10% complete and promises that when it’s done the Vita version should rival the PC version’s highest setting. I don’t know if this is good news or bad.

Sakai said he had a PSO2 surprise coming in March. Guess what? Surprise, this is it. The Vita version of the game. The Playstation Vita version of the game will start service sometime in 2013. SEGA has recently finished the PC version’s alpha 2 test, which was played by over 50,000 people. The game is getting closer to the large closed beta phase, I can’t believe it’s still this early in development.

R.I.P. Grind: Jet SET Radio Coming this Summer in Widescreen!

Courtesy of the SEGA Blog comes some very exciting bits of info regarding the recently hinted at Dreamcast rerelease. For starters, the game being released is Jet Set Radio (as if there was any doubt). The second confirmation is that the game will be known as Jet Set Radio, so say goodbye to the original US title “Jet Grind Radio” (and good riddance!). Thirdly, the game will be in beautiful widescreen as seen in the screen shot above and after the break. Fourthly, the game is coming to XBLA, PSN, and Windows PC Digital Download this summer! SEGA has also announced a contest where fans can get there art in the game and win prizes for doing so. Reminds me of when the game originally released, I recall SEGA having a similar contest.

Japanese Sonic 4 Episode 2 Site Opens! More Screens, Slick Interface.

Why is it that the official Japanese sites for Sonic games are always way better than the English language ones? Why not translate what little text there is into English and make it so one site can cover all territories? While I ponder such things, I invite you to explore the recently opened Sonic 4 Episode 2 site from SEGA of Japan. There you’ll find new screens, a character bio section, an explanation of the combo moves (in Japanese, of course) and confirmation of Sylvania Castle and White Park being the first two zone names. If you dig a little, you’ll even find tiny screens of the first boss, Egg Serpentleaf, in action as well as a in-game menu screen. Of interest to Ice Cap fans, one screen shows off Sonic and Tails doing a bit of snowboarding in White Park. After the break, browse through the many screens!

Sonic 4 Episode 2 Achievements Revealed!

Well this is a surprise! The list of achievements for Sonic 4 Episode 2 have already been revealed. What, is this game expected to release next week? It seems every day we’re getting more and more info. Revealed within the list are a few zone names, the return of red rings AND the return of a classic zone. Check out all the achievements after the break! Also, we reveal a zone name NOT mentioned in the achievements list or anywhere else on the net for that matter first site to mention the reveal of a new zone name before the “Continue Reading” button, and some new screens. Of course, expect some spoilers.

More Sonic 4 Episode 2 Screens Revealed, Teaser Trailer Next Thursday!

Well, it appears SEGA Blog has finally acknowledged that Sonic 4 Episode 2 screens are out in the wild. But instead of rereleasing the same ol’ screens, they’ve shared a collection of new ones! Some show brand new areas in previously revealed zones, while others take place just moments before or after the screens. Some details include a new hummingbird badnik, the confirmation that special stages will be accessed as they were in episode 1 and that somebody has been building Eggman snow men. Check out the screens, and learn when the trailer will hit, after the break!

Dissecting the Sonic 4 Episode 2 Screens

Yesterday let slip ten Sonic 4 Episode 2 screens. Before Microsoft could pull the info, Sonic and SEGA fan sites from all over the net had saved, uploaded and shared the images to the point where SEGA might as well just allow the images back up and give us a trailer while they’re at it. [Update: it seems they have, the images are back on] The screens, found here, reveal a number of details that had yet to be mentioned by SEGA. After the break, let’s slice open these meaty screens and see what little details we can find!

New Generations 3DS Stage Revealed PLUS HD Birthday Picnic

From The Sonic Scene comes two special screens from Sonic Generations. The first, seen above, reveals a new stage for the 3DS version of the game: Sonic Adventure’s Emerald Coast! While I had thought they would have gone with a stage from Sonic Advance instead, I much prefer this. Unless, of course, this is actually Neo Green Hill from the first Sonic Advance with the whale thrown in. I’m interested to see if they copy the modern layout verbatim, or offer up something new. The second image, which can be seen after the break, might be a spoiler to some, as it appears to be from the opening cutscene. Want to see it? Continue on!

GamesCom: New Binary Domain screens

It wouldn’t be a SEGA showing at GamesCom without some new screens, right? Check out the latest images from Toshihiro Nagoshi’s upcoming new IP, Binary Domain. As someone who has been critical of the game’s visuals, I’m happy to report that these screens look a lot nicer (to me, anyway) than what we’ve seen so far: here’s hoping that this applies to when the game’s in motion as well.

[Source: Playstationlifestyle]

Check out all the new screens after the break.

You know me, Sonic Generations 3DS. And we’re at Mushroom Hill, you ready?

From SEGA Press and Sonic Stadium comes eleven new screens from the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations. But wait! These aren’t the same ol’ stages that we’ve known about, this is a brand new reveal! Straight out of Sonic & Knuckles comes Mushroom Hill featuring both classic and modern gameplay, set in both the green act 1 and the autumn colored act 2. It looks like classic Sonic will be taking the green sections of the zone, while modern Sonic will be taking the orange sections. Many of the gimmicks return including bouncy shrooms (I can hear the “boing” sound now), mechanical pulleys and helicopter plants. Check out the screens after the break!

Binary Domain gets a ton of new screens

Most people seem to have a negative opinion of Binary Domain’s graphics, but to be honest, they aren’t bad. People have been saying it looks like Yakuza 3, so it’s bad. First of all Yakuza 3 does not have bad graphics and this title looks better than the Yakuza titles.
One of the first obvious improvements is the sharpness of the picture, Yakuza 3 (and 4) weren’t so sharp. Not only that, the textures look way better. If the areas are as big as those in the Yakuza games, this could be Nagoshi’s best looking title.

That is not saying that the title will be one of the best looking titles for 2012.

More Chemical Plant Zone Screens Emerge from the Purple Water

Thanks to gaming site andriasang we have some more Chemical Plant zone screens, showing off exciting new portions of both classic and modern acts. The screens show off both classic and modern Sonic running about underwater, modern Sonic grabbing onto a hook and taking a ride through a large water pipe, classic Sonic avoiding the badnik Grabber and riding through the iconic Chemical Plant transport tubes. Looks like the fan-favorite zone will be filled with a number of gimmicks, looks like fun! Check out more screens after the break.

SEGA Reveals Classic Tails, Chemical Plant and Stardust Speedway Screens

No longer are blurry scans the only way to see Sonic Generations Metal Sonic and Chemical Plant zone. SEGA of America has just updated their Flickr account and added a load of screens including new CG renders of Modern and Classic Tails as well as new shots of Chemical Plant and the Metal Sonic race taking place in Stardust Speedway. Oh, and they’ve also added the 3DS package art, though it isn’t very exciting. To see all the images, head on over to SEGA’s Sonic Generations Flickr page.