Alien Isolation screenshots leak, depicting a quieter take on the Aliens franchise

Eurogamer has shared some interesting screenshots from the upcoming unannounced Creative Assembly title Alien Isolation, which appeared online yesterday via Twitter. The images depict a quiet, creepy space installation and the motion tracker as seen in the films. Not much else can be gleaned from the screens, aside from a taste of the atmosphere the game will likely convey. SEGA has yet to comment on the images, despite job listings, trademarks, and these new screens making it very clear that a game is in development.

New Sonic Lost World screens reveal Miiverse functions, game map, and more!

In addition to the new trailer which reveals NiGHTS bosses appearing in Sonic Lost World, which you can see here, SEGA has also released a ton of new screens from Sonic Lost World showing off various stages including Frozen Factory, 2-player assist mode, 2-player racing, Miiverse functionality, as well as the game’s world map. Like Sonic Colors, it appears that Sonic will run from act to act on a little map, and like Sonic Unleashed the more you progress in the game the more Lost Hex comes together. Check out the screens after the break, and as always share your comments below or in our lovely dedicated forum topic.

New Sonic Lost World Wii U screens reveal a return of Casino Night Zone


The Sonic Stadium got their hands on nineteen new screens from the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World, and they’re quite revealing! Desert Ruin is seen in a few screens, showing off a new giant cactus enemy, as well as iconic loops, a sand tornado, and the drill and eagle Wisps in action. A wild jungle stage is seen, which has been previously revealed in the Color Power trailer, also seen is a night stage filled with robotic owls which are seemingly on the lookout for our hero. Sonic Gear Solid? [Update: ONM UK has revealed that this stage is named Silent Forest] Most exciting for classic Sonic fans is the reveal of a Casino Night inspired zone, a stage which was sadly not a full-on action stage in the console version of Sonic Generations.

After the break, check out a full gallery of all the images!

New Project X Zone E3 trailer and batch of screenshots released

Are you excited for the upcoming Project X Zone cross-over game featuring some pretty neat SEGA characters and cameos? Well even though the Japanese port of the title isn’t breaking front pages on websites right now, they still released a new English trailer and batch of screenshots.

So, are you going to get this on your 3DS when it comes out June 25th (US) and July 5th (EU)?

More Bayonetta 2 screens arrive – Are U ready to dance?

Nintendo’s press site just released a load of new screens from Bayonetta 2. Like the recent Sonic screens, a majority comes from what we’ve already seen in video form. However, the screens are big and crisp and full of details that fans are sure to pour over for the coming months. Bayonetta 2 is due out sometime in 2014.

After the break, more screens than you can shake a broomstick at. Due to the file type, the usual gallery mode was not working. So I’ve simply posted all the screens full size. Those with slow internet beware.

Feast your eyes on these Mario & Sonic 2014 and Sonic Lost World screens

Via Nintendo’s press site comes a ton of new screens from Sonic Lost World for Wii U and 3DS as well as Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games for Wii U. Seen in the screens are the stages SEGA’s Aaron Webber revealed on IGN late last week. However, it is great to see them nice and crisp in the new screens. Mario & Sonic reveals… not as much. However, it does give a good look at our first HD entry to the series.

After the break, enough screens to make your head spin!

Yakuza 1&2 HD Wii U edition screenshots emerge

It’s weird that SEGA has decided to port over Yakuza 1&2 HD to the Wii U. Maybe this is their first step in planning on bringing over the other Yakuza titles. Regardless, these two Yakuza titles (especially the second one) are the best Yakuza titles ever made. So if you never played a Yakuza game and they bring this over to America, do yourself a huge favor and pick it up.

Here we have screenshots. I know it isn’t fancy graphics, but they look rather nice for what they are; HD ports of Playstation 2 games. Hit the jump to see the rest of the screens.

Total War: Rome 2 gets trailer and in-game screenshots

The gameplay trailer above is a recreation of “The Battle of Teutoburg”, a battle where the Roman Empire lost. Being ambushed by Germanic cheiftain, double-crossing and all that jazz is present. After the trailer, there is a link to a real-life trailer teaser that was released before.

Even though it isn’t in-game footage, some of the tatics seen here will be usable in the game. I can’t wait for my army to roll those flaming boulders at the upcoming enemy! Rome 2 is set to come out ‘the latter half of the year’. Well, I thought it was suppose to be out April? Nooo! Also hit the jump to see some in-game screenshots!

SEGA details Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed 3DS with new screens and info

The SEGA Blog has today revealed new screens and details regarding the Nintendo 3DS release of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. The screens, seen after the break, look rather jaggy and blurry. However, as we’ve seen the game looks a lot better when it is actually being played, which is typically the case with 3DS titles when it comes to screenshots. The game is still set for a February 8, 2013 release in Europe and a February 12, 2013 release in North America. Other features include:

  • StreetPass challenges and features
  • The ability to play with up to seven friends using multi cart or single cart play
  • 22 playable SEGA All-stars characters
  • Over 20 tracks and arenas

Also noted, like the other versions of the game there will be a bonus edition available for a limited time. Bonus edition content features: Metal Sonic along with his transforming vehicle and Mod Pack, an additional Outrun Bay Track plus challenges and time trials, and stickers for your in-game driver’s license.

U wanna see Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Wii U screens?

SEGA has released a number of new screens for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, but this time they’re giving us some Wii U screens along with the usual 360/PS3 screens. To be honest, I see little difference between the Wii U screens and the 360 and PS3, but then again Wii U isn’t that big an upgrade so it makes sense. Anyway, enough hating on Nintendo. After the break, check out our gallery of Wii U and 360/PS3 screens!

Some direct screens of SEGA/Capcom/Namco’s Project X Zone

Namco-Bandai has released direct screenshots of their latest crossover game featuring characters from their franchise and also SEGA and Capcom. The game is called Project X Zone, which was revealed the other day via Famitsu. The game definitely has a budget look, using older 16-bit looking graphics.

Namco and Capcom have teamed up before for a game on the Playstation 2 called Namco x Capcom, which seems to have the same exact concept as Project X Zone. Sadly this title didn’t make it out of Japan. I wouldn’t expect this one either.

Japanese Sonic 4 site updates – reveals Oil Desert Zone and more

SEGA of Japan’s Sonic the Hedgehog 4 site has updated to reflect yesterday’s news, however there are a few new additions. For one thing, the unnamed desert stage will be known as Oil Desert Zone. Simple, but it fits. The site has also added twelve new screens of the zone, showing off new gimmicks and badniks. The site also has a cleaned up version of yesterday’s trailer, in true HD and without the Gamestop watermark. Other additions to the site include the confirmation of the $15 price tag, unchanged from the first episode. Also, there are badnik profiles and a story tab that shows Little Planet approaching Earth. The story text is in Japanese, so any readers who know the language, if you can translate it that would be “boss” of you.

Update: Added nine more images, courtesy of, the images include more Oil Desert screens, high res “box art” and screens from Episode Metal.

Get a Better Look at Bosses in New Sonic 4 Episode 2 Screens!

A new collection of Sonic 4 Episode 2 screens have hit the interwebs, and while they cover stages we’ve already seen, they also highlight a few boss battles. Egg Serpentleaf looks to be a huge boss, and this is only the first zone! Metal Sonic appears to have copied Sonic once again as he is seen executing a homing attack and taking out the ground below. After the break, check out the other screens and take a look at yet another gameplay video… this time competently played!

Sonic 4 Episode 2 Screens (NOT Concept Art) For Your Viewing Pleasure!

Holy crap! Ten screens, boxart AND an expanded game description for Sonic 4 Episode 2 are available for viewing thanks to what can only be a mistimed release on No SEGA Blog announcement or anything, all this just appeared today! The XBOX site also mentions that the game is offline AND online 1-2 player co-op. Enough from me, check out the official description of the game below and check out screens after the break!

UPDATE: the screens have been removed from Good thing I saved them!

UPDATE 2: Another piece of info has been added and quickly removed, a mention of a 5/16/2012 release date. This bit of info was noted at The Sonic Stadium Boards and this date matches up with our earlier reported April/May release date of the comic adaptation. The cover art has also now been removed from

The Sonic 4 Saga continues as Sonic reunites with Tails for all new collaborative play! Following the events of Episode I, Metal Sonic has returned to form a formidable alliance with Dr. Eggman! To face this new threat, Sonic will have to call upon an old friend to help him save the day! Joined by Tails, utilise ingenious combination moves and race across four brand new Zones, in order to put an end to their evil plans! Play alone, or with a friend locally (and online), in an evolution of Sonic 2’s collaborative gameplay! Unleash Sonic and Tails’ devastating joint attacks and combination moves to fight the united force of Metal Sonic and Dr. Eggman. Episode II features an all new game engine, bringing you updated physics and an original graphical style as you race through four unique Zones and a new Special Stage.