SEGA ‘Revolutionary’ tech news won’t be them releasing & rebranding Xbox Series X console in Japan says ‘key opinion leader in China’

Famitsu has been teasing ‘Revolutionary’ SEGA news that should be coming out in a few days, we posted an article and video about the news with some speculation. One of the speculations we had in our video was that SEGA could be rebranding the Xbox Series X in Japan as a SEGA console and promote it themselves considering how bad Microsoft’s branding has been in the nation. It seems we weren’t the only people to bring it up that we got subtweet by @ZhugeEX on Twitter. We have at least confirmed that it would be this outlandish speculation, but don’t worry we have other outrages speculations in our full video.

A key opinion leader in China says they have seen the latest Famitsu issue and that they can confidently say that the news is not what has been rumored. (The rumor being that Microsoft would work with Sega to rebrand and launch Series X in Japan). Is something else.”

What could the news be? We will find out in a few days but it does seem some SEGAbits Discord users have brought up a good point about SEGA rebranding their logo with the ‘eye’ back in 2017, which teased ‘eye tracking technology’ that we never saw as a commercial product. People predicting this is what SEGA will show off, makes sense. But what do you think the big announcement will be? Let us know in the comments.

This year’s SEGA console rumor finally here

Every year SEGA is going to enter the console market again. This rumor is as old as… well, as old as the “Microsoft to buy SEGA” rumors. Remember those? The site says that SEGA is planning on releasing a new arcade board and a year after the arcade board is out, SEGA will produce a console based on the technology.

The site says that SEGA has ‘signed up’ a deal with UK’s Imagination Technologies, to work on the console.  Oh and of course, this is not true. Why would this leak to a random website no one has ever heard of?

[UPDATE] This rumor is by Zach Morris, this guy has been making this same rumor since 2003. The last time we encountered him it was at SEGA Nerds, saying that by 2010, we would have the new console. Seems he is pushing it to 2012. This is a lie 100%. Spread the word. [/UPDATE]

Top 10 features the next SEGA console should have

Let’s be positive, there will be another SEGA console some day (I hope!) and it will need unique features and even catch up with features to make it stand out against the competition. So if SEGA announced a new console soon, these are the features I think they need to have.

I think I know a ton of you have your own features you would like, so comments are always open.