Retro Review: Shadow Squadron (SEGA 32X)


Anyone who thinks the 32X was nothing more than a steaming pile of shit has never played Shadow Squadron. If they had, they’d not only know that the 32X had its share of great titles, they’d know it played host to what was quite easily the best space sim available for fourth generation consoles. It may have paled in comparison to PC sims like Wing Commander and the X-Wing series, but it beat the shit out of anything on the 16-bit consoles.

I think there’s no better way to end 32X month then with a look back at one of the platform’s best titles. Known as Stellar Assault in Europe and Japan, Shadow Squadron was one of the closest things the 32X had to a true killer app during its brief lifespan. Check below the fold as we explore what makes this hidden, forgotten gem so special.

Round Table: Our Favorite SEGA 32X Games

roundtablefavroties The 32x might be an add-on with only under 40 games released for the short lived unit, but it wasn’t hard for most of the staff here to pick their favorite game. Even though the library was small there was quite a few good original titles and faithful arcade ports that make all us SEGA fans mouth’s drool. Some games really showed off what the 32x was capable of, others focused more on delivering great game over graphics. Check out the games we chose after the break and you can tell us in the comments what your favorite 32x game is.

My Life With SEGA reviews Shadow Squadron and Zaxxon’s Motherbase 2000 for 32X

Welcome to another week of My Life With SEGA, this week A.J. has two games to review for the 32x. Shadow Squadron and Zaxxon’s Motherbase 2000. Never heard of them? Well, press play and educate yourself.

“In this “classic” episode of My Life with SEGA, I show some love for SEGA’s most maligned add-on; the 32X. You’re not got getting just one lousy review, but two! Shadow Squadron and Zaxxon’s Motherbase 2000.”

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