SEGAbits All-Stars: Goro Mihashi

Shenmonth continues with a new segment called SEGAbits All-Stars! Unlike the similarly named ‘SEGA All-Stars’ series of games, SEGAbits All-Stars will highlight the underdogs of the SEGAverse. The characters who weren’t the star of a game, nor were they playable, but they still made enough of an impact to be memorable.

Gotta take a leak before reading more? You should probably hold it in, because our first SEGAbits All-Star knows all the best spots to relieve oneself.

5 Things Shenmue III Should Have

If there is one thing Shenmue fans can’t get enough of, it’s ‘Shenmue III’ speculation. Fans have put everything from obscure items found in the Hazuki basement to AM2 concept art under a microscope in hopes of finding clues towards what we could expect from a ‘Shenmue III’. Unfortunately, that speculation went from fun in 2002 to nearly hopeless in 2005 to hopeless in 2009. Despite a sequel being nowhere in sight, the past year has provided a few glimmers of hope:

In October 2009 Ryo was announced to be in ‘Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing’ and in January 2010, Sega actually acknowledged that Shenmue exists and that fans want it. Couple that with Sega’s continued support of the Yakuza series (they got a “3”! And a “4” to boot!) and the return of a 2D Sonic on home consoles after 16 years and one could argue that Shenmue fans could move from hopeless back to nearly hopeless.

With all that in mind, let’s fuel that hope and take a look at 5 things ‘Shenmue III’ should have!