The next Shining Project might end up being a browser game


Well, remember back when I said there was going to be a teaser for the next Shining project in the retail version of Shining Blade? Guess what? Some people have gotten their copies of Shining Blade in advance. So what is the next Shining project? It would seem that it is a browser game that plays like Shining Hearts with farming elements added on to it. Shining Hearts seems sort of perfect for this, what with it letting you raise your own pet.

The Shining Blade twitter also called this announcement the “biggest thing in the series history” for t he last week or so. Is this their big news? Its hard to tell since SEGA as also shared details on a Shining Hearts anime, which will be airing in April.  That isn’t all, there will be a Shining series costume sets in Phantasy Star Universe.