Shinji Mikami agrees: Aladdin on the Genesis is better than SNES

When I was a kid there was much debate between my friends on which version of Aladdin was better, the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive version by SEGA or the SNES version by Capcom. Its hard to pick, considering I was gifted the SNES one as a child while my cousin got it on the SEGA Genesis. I have played it growing up on both consoles and I will state that the SEGA Genesis version is superior. What about Shinji Mikami  (Resident Evil, Vanquish), he worked on the game, does he agree? I guess so.

“If I didn’t actually make [the SNES game], I would probably buy the Genesis one. Animation-wise, I think the Genesis version’s better. The Genesis version had a sword, actually. I wanted to have a sword.” – Shinji Mikami tells Polygon

So, what about you SEGA gamers? Which one is your favorite version of Aladdin?

Vanquish will get downloadable content

SEGA Japan have confirmed paid downloadable content will be hitting Vanquish. The first set of DLC are the three guns you see above and will be free for pre-order customers. The pack includes a Boost Machine Gun, Laser Canon and Anti Armor Pistol.

It has been confirmed that those who didn’t pre-order will be able to buy the weapons. Talking about Vanquish, Shinji Mikami has launched the blog for the game today.