Check out the overly exciting trailer for Sega-Sammy Creation, a casino machine manufacturing division

Sega-Sammy Creation Inc. is a new group within Sega-Sammy devoted to the development, manufacturing, and selling of casino machines as well as the consigned development and offering of advice on game machines. The groups fist release, SICBO BONUS JACKPOT, is an elaborate casino game featuring digital screens and dice suspended by blowing air in tubes given the name D.F.S. (Dice Floatation System). Sega-Sammy Creation’s target appears to be Chinese speaking countries, as their games and website are translated to the language. Sega-Sammy Creation and SICBO BONUS JACKPOT received an overly dramatic announcement video, seen above, which feels like something straight out of Segagaga.

I’ll admit, as a SEGA fan the trailer got me a bit excited despite the fact that the whole thing is just promoting a casino game. Shots of modern SEGA arcade and console games coupled with the narrator proclaiming: “The two leading companies from Japan have come together and combined DNA! The ultimate gaming manufacturer that transcends gaming boundaries and revolutionizes entertainment”, what’s not to love?