Toshihiro Nagoshi Teases ‘Project-A’

Not satisfied with already having three in development (Binary Domain, Yakuza Black Panther 2 and the recently announced Yakuza 5) Toshihio Nagoshi and the newly formed Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio is teasing yet another game in the works. The new game tentatively titled ‘Project-A’ has a teaser site HERE. The teaser site has very little information on it beyond Nagoshi’s big angry face looming over you like a sex criminal. It does however credit the concept of the game to Nagoshi himself and also says that the game will be announced world wide in four days time.

Could it be Yakuza 5? Could it be a brand new IP? Check back in 4 days to find out!

[Thanks Pao]

SEGAbits gets a dramatic new look

So here it is, the new look we have been planning for months. It feels good to finally launch it, after all the teasing and debating. This is what all the work lead to.

You will notice that the color scheme has changed to a ‘minimal’ white. Don’t like it? Do you  need your blues? Go to the right hand bar, select from other color patterns. See, we do care! In the next few months we will be adding new exciting features, so stay tune for that.

As for now, give us all your feedback in the comments page!

SEGAbits .5 and the future

Hello SEGAbytes, is that what we should call you guys? Maybe? Most likely not because it sounds like a cheesy television show from the 90’s. Regardless we have launched a SEGAbits .5, just minor changes behind the scene and the new featured bar (up above). Like always we are open to suggestions.

As for the future, we have some projects we are kicking around that we are not going to reveal just yet. We do however plan to start up weekly features and original content. I will like to thank our incredible community for the support and all you readers for making our launch successful. Yes, today this site turns 2 months old, seems longer doesn’t it?